Thursday, December 29, 2022

A Year of Knitting: 2022

I'm not an especially prolific knitter, but 2022 does mark the year I made my first sweater in over 30 years, so I thought I'd take a look back and see what I knit this year. 

No knitting records were set, but I'm happy that I finally knit the Antler cardigan, a BSJ, finished three Hitchhikers, a couple pairs of socks, and my Musselburgh. It's definitely the FO that gets the most use. It's warm and I love wearing it for the colors even if it's not especially cold outside. 

I do have another Hitchhiker on the needles as my New Year's knitting, and I started Cloud Cover (ravelry link) back in October, but I haven't worked on it in over a month. It's just sitting beside me on my knitting chair, quietly reminding me every now and then that maybe 2023 will be the year I knit another sweater. (That would be some kind of knitting record for me!)

What did you make in 2022? Do you have plans for what you hope to make in 2023? Knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting, baking - it's all making and I'd love to hear about yours. 


  1. I think it is monumental to knit 3 Hitchhikers in a year! And all the other things you made so beautifully! I do so love your cheerful Musselburgh hat! It is so fun... and a fun hat makes walking just a bit more enjoyable in the cold winter months!

  2. That sounds like a whole lotta knitting in one year, Bonny! You knit some really great things in 2022 -- but I think that Musselburgh hat might be my favorite. Those colors are so joyous! I'd be wearing it all the time, too. :-) My "making plans" for 2023 go no further than finish-the-damn-blanket and finish-the-damn-cardigan. (For now.) XO

  3. Having just finished a Hitchhiker that took me seven months, I can appreciate that finishing three of them represents a lot of knitting! I think your sweater is the star of your year's projects, though. I will have to look at my Ravelry notebook to get a sense of what I made this year, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a record year for finishing things. I've got several projects lined up for next year, but my first priority is finishing my Recalibrate!

  4. I "made" a lot of knitted fabric in 2022, but I didn't land very many finishes -- eight dishcloths and a shawl is all!

  5. THREE Hitchhikers?! that's prolific! (I still haven't even started one - maybe 2023?) I mostly knit sweaters (and now that includes sweaters for Lucy, too), but I know I finished some socks, my first Musselburgh (I'd love to knit another one), and a baby item or two. I expect 2023 will look much the same - with the addition of a finished blanket.

  6. I knit less items this year than the previous down from 20 or so a year to this year of 10. I think I was reading more and just more into larger projects (2 little boxys and some larger shawls).

    I love your Musselburgh, I have yarn for one, just haven't cast on yet.

    1. My Musselburgh is one of my favorite projects and always makes me smile when I wear it. After a very slightly fiddly start, it's just round-and-round enjoyable knitting. I highly recommend making one!

  7. Like everyone else, I think knitting three hitchhikers is worth a celebration. Your Antler Sweater turned out so well. I may have finished fewer objects this year because I was also spinning but it's been a good year for making.

  8. what a beautiful year of knitting you've had. Well done!!


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