Monday, August 29, 2022

Sometimes Monday ...

 ... is a day for small wins!

(This is just a picture I like from Ryan's time at Gettysburg College. It doesn't have anything to do with the post. :-)) 

Some of the small wins that I am anticipating and celebrating:

  • I am on my own until Friday. Retirement is good, but spending all day, every day together isn't good for anyone (or any couple).
  • Ryan and I will be having dinner together on at least one of those evenings.
  • I made baked ziti over the weekend and have lots of leftovers for when I'm not enjoying dinner with Ryan.
  • I am dropping off four boxes of stuff that I have decluttered at Salvation Army.
  • I have successfully removed the condensation from beneath my watch crystal by placing it in some rice. This is a small thing but might even be considered a big win because the watch is 18 years old and I'm quite sentimentally attached to it.
What are your recent small wins? I hope you've had several!


  1. Well, no little wins here, unfortunately, and certainly not any big ones. But that's how it goes, yeah? I love that picture, even though it has nothing to do with the post. It sounds like you will have not only some alone time, but some down time, which is always good. Not having had any for about 12 years, I am totally jealous. I hope you have a restorative week, Bonny, and enjoy every minute!

  2. I will also have alone time this week -- my husband is on a work trip and my daughter starts school, so I'll be alone in the house for the first time in months! I do love my family, but sometimes solitude is a great thing.

    My recent small wins? I'm finally having some victories in the garden. Our sunflowers (which we've had to watch closely as they've grown to protect them from overzealous weeding gardeners and heavy rains) are now huge and blooming! And the bell pepper plants that were stripped of their leaves earlier in the summer, presumably by a rabbit or rabbits, have grown back and have flowers on them.

  3. My recent win is a cleaning lady and a new vacuum. LOL You can tell I'm old when those are the things that excite me. Enjoy your alone time...I sure could use some of that! Beautiful picture too.

  4. Oh, I'd say a week alone is a HUGE WIN! I am ever so envious!

  5. What great wins, Bonny! (And a GREAT window, to boot.) My recent small wins include clearing off my desk (this is temporary, of course, but I'll take it), cleaning the inside of my refrigerator, and finding a blooming aster in my garden. Here's to a week full of small wins! Enjoy your alone-time. XO

  6. Always love seeing the beautiful windows from Glatfelter Lodge! My recent small win was weeding my home bookshelves and boxing up a lot of donations for my public library. My home library area looks much more inviting now.

  7. small wins: I did art over the weekend!

    My husband sings/whistles all day long and if he isn't doing that he is playing music and singing along! Right now he is riding his bike and there is SILENCE :)

  8. Yahoo! A week alone can do wonders!! My small win is that I finished mending the last of five small holes in handknit socks!

  9. This is a great idea for a post! My small wins lately include prepping overnight oats for my breakfasts this week, picking zinnias and dahlias, and getting myself back to work after vacation. I hope you have a wonderful week to yourself!!

  10. What a nice list of small wins. The window is lovely. Small wins for me include finishing a sweater, preserving tomatoes, finishing a photo book for my granddaughter, keeping the garden and herb bed watered, and sticking to my walking schedule on warm humid mornings.

  11. I love reading all these small wins! I checked a few to-do's off my list that have been nagging at me for weeks (you know the ones that you keep putting off and putting off ... and then you do them and it's not awful ... and then they're done!) Enjoy your time alone. and your dinners with Ryan!


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