Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday

It seems as if Wednesday has been coming around more and more quickly, but no matter what kind of a time warp I'm caught in, it is indeed Wednesday and time to join Kat and the rest of the Unravelers for Unraveled Wednesday. 

I've been working on my Musselburgh hat and these colorful stripes make me happy. It's been looking a bit big to me, but I measured the width, and there is plenty of negative ease, so I still have high hopes it might actually fit.

Reading has been good this week. I finished Agatha of Little Neon, our current Read With Us book, and I won't say too much besides I did not find it a slog at all, I liked Agatha better than Marie de France, and I think this book will make for a great discussion. 

I was perusing my library's virtual shelves late one night and came upon Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? I checked it out on a whim, and it was surprisingly good. It's a self-help book, which I am usually leary of, but the author has written a book that gives all sorts of ways to help achieve and maintain good mental health. From building resiliency, managing anxiety, dealing with criticism, coping with depression, building self-confidence, to finding motivation, this is a book I wish I had had in 2020. It may be almost a necessity now that we're in the third year of the pandemic. I found it to be both wise and practical.

I purchased Vanishing Fleece from a recent Audible sale when I realized that I had never read any of Clara Parkes' books even though I've been a knitter for decades. This was a fun and educational book where Clara recounts to readers how she turned a 676-pound bale of fine Saxon Merino fleece into yarn. Clara is an excellent storyteller, and her voice is well-suited to narrating the audiobook. I've always had an appreciation for beautiful yarn, but now I have a better appreciation for how the yarn is produced and all the people that make that happen. 

What are you making and reading this week? 


  1. Love your hat Bonny! So cheerful (especially on a dark, not yet sun-up morning) - and more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow! I'm plugging away on Holiday Sock #2 and am reading Agatha!! It's good!! Not like Marie and Matrix at all (except...nuns...).

  2. that is such a cheerful hat!! lovely colorway and looks like it's a speedy knit :)

  3. Your hat is so very cheery! (and stripe knitting might be the best thing ever in all of knitting-dom!)

    Also! I got my notification that the YARN for Hunter's new hat shipped! I think we need to organize a wee little KAL! :)

  4. I am absolutely in love with your hat! I always find that this style of hat looks big off the head, but I've yet to have one actually come out too big.

    Thanks for the book recommendations. I've got Agatha loaded up and ready to start today, and I'm still very slowly making my way through Braiding Sweetgrass.

  5. I always think my Musselburgh hats look "too big," yet they seem to fit just fine in the end. Definitely on the "loose" side of the fit-spectrum (but I like that; I hate hats that are too tight). I just love the stripes. Gauge Dye Works creates such lovely yarn!

  6. oh that hat makes me happy ... those stripes are perfection! I've downloaded the next nun book and look forward to listening. The Read with Us titles are always interesting!

  7. That is one of the best version of a Musselburgh hat yet. I love the stripes. I am glad you found Vanishing Fleece. I too listened to Clara read the book. She is so interesting.

  8. I love your Musselburgh colors! The yarn is fantastic and you've enticed me to check out the dyer. I am also knitting a rainbow colored Musselburgh! Fingers crossed mine fits, too.


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