Friday, January 14, 2022

Museum of Me - January 2022

Hello and welcome to the January installation at the Museum of Me. The staff has been working hard on a new exhibit. This has involved some dusting, rearranging, along with some pondering. If you'll please follow the docent, she'll show you around this month's exhibit. This one is a bit different - it's about something you were really good at as a child.

Because this month's exhibit isn't so much a "thing" that I can easily display in the museum, it took a bit of thought. I finally arrived at Asking Questions. While I don't think I asked too many questions when I was younger, I do know that I was curious about lots of things and wondered how they worked. My mother used to tell me that I asked her questions all day, every day, and I do recall her often getting tired and answering my incessant queries with "Just because that's the way it is." 

I think I asked the usual childhood questions, like: 

  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Why can I tickle my sister until she cries, but I can't tickle myself?
  • Why did my parents choose to spell my name with a "y" instead of "ie"? 

I never did get an answer to that last one, and it's something I still wonder about occasionally.

I haven't grown out of asking questions, and here are several that have come up just this week:

  • What is tasseography? I don't remember where I came across this, but it's fortune-telling that interprets the patterns in tea leaves.
  • What is wine flour? I saw this on Etsy and had to order some for my SiL and myself.  After the wineries press the grapes for their juice, the pomace is transported just a few miles to a flour mill. The grape seeds and skins are hand sorted, separated, sun-dried and artisan stone milled. Wine flours are meant to supplement recipes with flavor, color, and nutrition. I'll let you know what it's like after I try it. 
  • Why don't I know or tell jokes anymore?
As an adult, I still ask questions and can often come up with answers (and sometimes even more questions). I don't know the answer to that last question about jokes, but I'll leave you with a joke. 

Feel free to leave me any jokes you especially like in the comments!

The Museum of Me exhibits will be changed monthly on the second Friday of the month, so please stop by again in February for the next carefully curated installation. (The gift shop is on the right on your way out!)


  1. Haha! Like the joke and like your post. Now I'm very curious about wine flour! I think I was really good at throwing tea parties for my dolls (and I had a lot of dolls). I also was good at making mud pies. Sorry I don't have any jokes for you. Hope you have a great weekend and that lots of showings of your house are lining up!!

  2. I can just imagine you as a curious child, always wondering about something interesting. (Wine flour???? Who knew????) Although I definitely seek out "information" to answer my questions now, as an adult, I don't think I was encouraged at all to be curious as a child. I'm pretty sure I had questions, I just don't think I asked them of adults around me much. . .

    I love your karma joke! (I am a terrible joke-teller. I can never quite remember how they go, and that's a really important thing when it comes to jokes.)

  3. I remember being curious of constellations and my dad promised me a book on it and I never received the book....I should refresh my memory of what I know now that I think of it and the internet is at my disposal. Love the joke :)

  4. I know that kids who ask lots of questions can often annoy their parents, but I think curiosity is a good thing. After all, how many innovations and improvements are the result of someone asking questions? I suspect that the annoyance is often that parents don't always have the answers, but these days I feel like I can always say, "I don't know the answer, but let's see if we can find out!"

    Wine flour, eh? Sounds interesting. Please do report back!

  5. Dale credits his lack of new jokes to not working in a warehouse with a bunch of men! He mostly gets his from Boy's Life these days, heaven help me. I like to answer questions (hello, librarian) but I don't tend to ask many myself. I can just picture you as a little girl asking all kinds of questions!

  6. Oh I love this post, Bonny! (and I almost posted something similar but then realized I don't ask many questions any longer... and I found that so profoundly sad!)

    I will have to start sharing Vivi's jokes with you... maybe together we can figure them out! LOL

  7. This post is priceless, Bonny! I was, and am, incessantly curious, and a proud member of the church of Google. Why wonder when the answer is often available with lots of historical information included? I don't understand people who are not curious, to tell the truth. Keep these posts coming! This was so evocative of my childhood, it made me smile. I have never been able to tell jokes, but I love hearing them, especially from someone who's delivery is very good.

  8. The other day, I was remembering how, when I would ask my mother a question about her childhood, I would start with, "In the olden days ..." and now I realize how annoying that must have been!

    The only joke I can think of right now is one that was posted on the bulletin board at work the other day: I was reading a book on helium, and I couldn't put it down! :-)

  9. Great post, Bonny. May we be ever curious. I wonder if the paucity of jokes has anything to do with the current state of affairs? I used to love the Obama-Biden buddy memes back in the day. Now we are a humorless lot.

  10. Hm, having worked vintages at a few different wineries, I'll have to ask Maddy & Viv about wine flour! I've never heard of it before.

    I'm not very good at telling jokes, but I sure love hearing a good one!

  11. Questions! I love it. Joke: Who is the coolest doctor in the hospital? The hip consultant! Have a great weekend Bonny!

  12. Why do Canadians wash their clothes in Tide.

    Because it's too cold Out-Tide.

  13. I have never heard of wine flour and I need to check it out!
    I remember sometimes driving my mother crazy with questions, but my father would sit all day and even make up stories to answer my questions. We always had plenty of books to read and my parents let us read whatever we wanted. I remember one time when my mother was at the stove cooking dinner and I asked what a prostitute was, she turned around to look at the book I was reading, handed the book back to me and told me to look the word up in the dictionary! That was an eye opening discovery for me! I wish I could remember what book I was reading!
    I'm terrible at remembering jokes and don't have any to share.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I may be baking brownies with wine flour this weekend and will let you know how it works! I love your father making up stories to answer your questions and your mother's response sounds like a good one. I also wonder what you were reading! Have a great weekend, Debbie!

  14. This is fun post. I sometimes wish I'd asked more questions instead of being the typical oldest child who was out to please the adults. I love the joke. Did you ever listen to Garrison Keillor's joke shows. I wondered how they could tell jokes for two hours. The gift shop on the right? I do love a good gift shop.

  15. Tasseography? I didn't know anything about that word until today. I wonder if I can learn to read my own tea leaves?
    And wine flour? Who knew!


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