Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Right Now - Numbers in September

The first of September seems like a good time to write about what's going on in my world right now, telling the stories with numbers.

> 6 million - The number of Covid-19 cases in the United States. I have trouble comprehending a number that large, but it's about 30 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon, or 250 times the circumference of the Earth. 

>183,000 - The number of deaths due to coronavirus in the US. This far-too-large number is about 65 times the distance from LA to NY, 35,000 times as tall as Mount Everest, or just shy of the population of Tallahassee, FL. Even with some comparisons for perspective, it's still incomprehensible and far, far too many. 

63 - The number of days until Election Day.

2 - How many tacos I ate yesterday, also the number of ice cream sandwiches I consumed.

30 - The current length (in inches) of the baby blanket that I'm knitting, on my way to 40 inches or so.

3 - Movies I watched this weekend while knitting. (The Peanut Butter Falcon, Steel Magnolias, and The Natural).

1 - How many books I've finished recently. (Hamnet and I think it's most likely the best book I'll read all year.)

2 - Books I've started in the past day (The Boy in the Field and The Patron Saint of Pregnant Girls). Will either of them measure up to Hamnet? That remains to be seen. 

4.5 - Hours I've spent mowing lawns over the past few days.

5 - Loads of laundry completed over the weekend.

9 - New bugs to catch in Animal Crossing beginning today, there are also 7 new or returning fish. 

4 - How many farming implements we purchased recently. Farmer John is now the proud owner of a new-to-him tractor, brush hog, tiller, and cone spreader. I'm happy he'll have something to do when he retires as he begins to plant food plots on several acres of his great-grandparents' farm. 

Eleventy billion - This is how many acorns our two oak trees have dropped already, resulting in approximately the same number of squirrels cavorting through the yard. 

8 - The number of masks I've cut out and am ready to sew. This really means 32 pieces. 

Unknown number - How many days it will take me to actually sew those masks. 

1 - The number of my adorable great-nephews that started kindergarten yesterday. 

What numbers are showing up in your world right now? 


  1. What a cutie he is! I hope he has a great experience without Covid-19 drama. The most important number to me currently is 63. I really just want it to be over at this point. I want to read all 3 books you mentioned, especially Hamnet and The Boy in the Field. I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews of the latter two. Is John about to retire?

  2. Ha! I love #2 (tacos and ice cream sandwiches). And the last one (1) is so cute. Wishing him a wonderful year and as Beckster said, with no Covid drama. Happy September Bonny!

  3. The number I whoa'd at this morning is 64,000 - the number of cases in Great Britain minus the number of cases in Georgia. and FOUR - the number of sleeps until Sara arrives!! Here's to a new month ... and better numbers!

  4. Oh my goodness, he's adorable!!

    The big numbers in my world right now are 1 very pregnant daughter ready to have baby number 4, joining 3 excited siblings-to-be!! A.N.Y.D.A.Y.N.O.W.

  5. The acorns! Yes! There's an oak tree right by our garage....garage roof outside our bedroom window. Every morning we are wakened by squirrel induced acorn storm.

    1. I told my husband that the squirrels sat in the oak trees and dropped acorns on us, but he didn't believe me until he got hit on the head a few times!

  6. Oh that smile! The one thing making me sad about kids wearing masks is that it makes it impossible to see how happy they are to be back at school (but I'd still they'd rather wear the masks).

    The big number in my life right now is that Election Day countdown -- and here's hoping that when that number runs to 0, we can start a new countdown to the day we have an administration change!

  7. I love these numbers! And I laughed at the acorn number!! (and nodded my head in agreement!!) How did you like the Peanut Butter Falcon?

    But, that final number! What a great smiling face! I hope he has an amazing year!

  8. Hooray for haycorns! Maybe Pooh & Piglet will show up and give the squirrels some competition! I'm really trying to be hopeful about election day and everything else. Your number one is a very cute little guy!

    1. I like Pooh and Piglet much better than squirrels! My great-nephew and his mother (a nurse) have just recovered from mild cases of covid-19 in the past two weeks. They've presumably got antibodies now, but it's still important for everyone to wear masks.

  9. Wishing your G-N a very pleasant school year! Fingers crossed for him and all the kids. A number right now...I'd have to say until the election. I am actually getting anxious about it!

  10. Well that was very fun.

    70- the degrees in our area today. It made for food burning of dead pines on a quiet day .
    4- the number of 110 cal Lara mini bars I've eaten. They are high in protein low in carbs
    and 8lbs. The weight of Beatles that we will compare today when the new scale arrives here

  11. That 63 days number is HUGE to me. I really hope we've got something to celebrate 64 days from now.

  12. Election day cannot come soon enough, we are a battleground state and EVERY commercial is political...it's a torture. Your grand nephew is adorable and happy!!

  13. I'll let you keep track of numbers as I can only keep track of two, Smith and me. I don't want to know about anything else. (Ostrich.r.us) I also have a cute grand-nephew and niece who have cute back to school picture even though they are distance learning this year (their dad's a doctor). Your squirrels are as busy as you are!


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