Thursday, September 12, 2019

Three on Thursday - The Bandwagon Edition

Bridget started it, Kym continued it, and now I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday, today with three things that I hate do not like . . . but that everyone else DOES like. This has been a fun one to think about over this past week.

This photo doesn't have anything to do with the post; it's just a strange-looking sky that I saw at about 4:00 pm yesterday.

Stranger Things - I watched the first season, skimmed the second, and kind of half-watched a few episodes in the third season, but I don't get it. I'm not much for science fiction and horror, and when the two are combined it really leaves me cold. It's just not the TV series for me. 

Avocado - I've tried many times, but I do not like avocado in any form. No guacamole, no avocado toast, and don't get one near my sandwich. I've had people tell me I'm wrong and I must just have eaten a bad one, but since I've tried multiple times, that's not it. I don't like the texture or the fact that it tastes like soap to me, so no avocado for me, please.

Dinner - I enjoy eating dinner, but the thought of deciding what to make and actually preparing it just makes me tired. I've been cooking dinner for approximately 45 years, and if I do the math (45 x 365 then subtract a guesstimated 15% for nights I've eaten out, had leftovers, or not prepared anything), I get approximately 14,783 dinners so far. I may just be done when I reach 15,000. 

How about you?  What do you dislike . . . that most people seem to like?

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  1. More avocados for me, then! ;-)

    The thing I don't like that other people seem to love is the pumpkin spice latte -- really, anything pumpkin spice that's not a pumpkin baked good. It all tastes so fake to me.

  2. It's really a fun topic to think about, isn't it? :-) I'm totally with you on Stranger Things. I have mixed feelings on dinner -- I do find it tedious to plan and shop all the time, but I love to cook and eat. I was doing okay . . . until you did the math for me. Now? Ugh. (But I am a fan of avocado.) XO

  3. I'm glad so many people are having fun with this, I had a blast!

    Dinner is really challenging for me during the week, since I am generally not in the mood to spend a lot of time on it. I do OK on the weekends, but weekdays can be ... interesting.

    Since you don't like avocados, that means more for me, YAY! ;-)

  4. Oh no! I so wish you had not done the math on the whole dinner thing - lol. Though, like Kym, I enjoy cooking and consuming food...the hard part is coming up with something new/different. And I do really like avocados, so I'll take all your guacamole!

  5. I am chuckling at all the *way more avocados for me* lol (I am Team Avocado, btw)

    And dinner... oh boy. Those numbers are depressing! But, in my house the think I hate even worse is the "what do you want to have for dinner" conversation. Yeah...if that never happened again, it would be too soon!

    Fun post!

  6. I love avocados and now that I only make dinner for Dale and I it's much easier. Although I do sometimes miss cooking for our whole family. Plus, with just the two of us, dinner is quite often cheese and crackers as you well know. I don't care for Stranger Things, either. Dale loves it, though, and watches on his own.

  7. I do love avocados so I will take yours. And dinner has been especially hard for me lately. I cannot seem to get in a groove.

  8. Agreed on Stranger Things. My husband and daughter watch it, and they can HAVE it, as far as I'm concerned! I could LIVE on avocadoes... And I'm with Kat--I hate being asked What's for dinner? All. The. Time. When I have a good plan (or leftovers), I don't mind answering the question...but meal planning has never been my thing.

    1. The math was a little eye-opening for me. I can't wait to tell my husband that since that I'm coming up on dinner number 15,000 it's his turn for the next 15K (and I'm just going to say "whatever you want to make" when he asks for suggestions.) :-)

  9. This is FUN! Sorry you don't like avacado!

    #1 Beer
    #2 wrapping gifts
    #3 Nutella

    1. Ooh, these are good ones! I'll trade you my avocados for your beer and Nutella!

  10. Oh, this is a good thinking exercise.
    1) Raw seafood, including oysters, sashimi, ceviche sushi. Lots of nasty things live in seafood, and I just can't eat it uncooked.
    2) I don't like Stranger Things or any horror. There are enough horrors in real life. I don't need to spend my spare time being scared.
    3) Clothes that people accept and wear just because some designer tells them it's stylish. I don't need anyone to tell me what to like.

    I do like avocados OK, but my favorite way to eat them is avocado popsicles.

  11. I hadn't thought about this one until KathyB mentioned it ....

    1. Nutella ---- just don't like it
    2. Champagne
    3. Summer

  12. Hmmm 3:
    1. Frog legs
    2. With you - cooking dinner ...fortunately, Norman does like and does cook!
    3. Horror in any form!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post—-laughed out loud...and yes I do like avocado!

  13. I'm with you on Stranger Things and cooking dinner. Smith does a lot of our cooking as he's a great grill man. My problem is lunch. I would probably starve if it weren't for avocado toast or avocado with cayenne. If you don't like it then no one should shame you! There are many foods I don't like (red onion or bell pepper).

  14. I'm with you on Stranger Things (of course I've never watched it, but that's because I'm pretty sure I will not like it). I also love getting up really early (even with an alarm). and I don't mind weaving in ends (I won't go so far as to say I love that step, but it doesn't bother me!)

  15. I am with you on the dinner thing. I get weary of figuring out a grocery list and menu. My husband is quite patient with my "can we just eat leftovers this evening?" so I am lucky there. Some nights I'd be happy with cheese and crackers and apples.

  16. Aw, I loved Stranger things!! But every one has their own tastes so I'm okay with that. I do like avocado but not crazily on everything :)

  17. I'm with you on dinner but mostly because our selections are so limited with that man of mine. I don't mind cooking so I make up for it by baking different things. Truffle oil, Breaking Bad and any seltzer that isn't citrus are off the list!


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