Thursday, May 9, 2019

Three on Thursday

Joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday, today with Three Ways to Enjoy Maple Whisky. Ryan enjoys whisky, as do I, but his tastes run to really peaty and smoky. I enjoy something more mild and mellow, so the last time we talked on the phone he was excited to tell me about his latest find - maple whisky. 

He saw it on Letterkenny and thought it was worth trying. He's not giving up his peaty, smoky, "real" whisky, but thought the maple was quite good, and also thought I would like it. So of course I had to get some and taste it; he's right!

We chatted about other ways to enjoy it besides simply sipping, and here's what we came up with. We haven't actually tried any of these, but were busy brainstorming and then looked up recipes so we didn't have to reinvent the wheel. When I've got mint in my garden, fresh peaches, and an occasion to bake a cake so I don't have to eat the whole thing myself, I'll definitely be making these.

1.  Maple Whisky Mojito 
The maple whisky, fresh mint, and brown sugar in this mojito make it sound delightfully different, and like a drink I might have to be careful not to drink more than one (or two).

2. Maple Whisky Peach Buckle
What else goes well with whisky and maple? Peaches! (plus this recipe is gluten-free.)

3. Jewish Apple Cake, Jazzed Up a Little
I don't have a link for this one, but I do have a family recipe for Jewish Apple Cake. It's one of our family's favorite cakes, and even though it's delicious, Ryan and I both thought it would only be improved with the addition of maple whisky.

Cheers to maple whisky!

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  1. I am not a whisk(e)y drinker, but I am intrigued!

  2. ...playing a bit of blog catch-up this morning ... and delighted to see a post (from you!) about whisky! I think my sister might have a bottle of this in her cabinet. I hope so, because I'd love to try that peach buckle (without having to invest in a whole bottle myself). Cheers!!

  3. Oh wow! The maple whiskey mojito sounds fabulous!! And the buckle and cake too. Colin is coming over tonight and I'll mention these to him (he is a whiskey and cigar kind of guy).

  4. I am not a whiskey drinker, but I think this sounds great, especially for cooking. I would add that I think it would make a wonderful bread pudding, if you like bread pudding. I really like bourbon in bread pudding, and I think this might be better.

  5. We're whiskEy drinkers, although a non-smoky whisky is good on occasion. However, I'd love to try the Maple Whisky (Whiskey) Peach Buckle!! That sounds fabulous!

  6. I don't drink a lot of whisky, but I enjoy smoky & peaty... I love that there are so many varieties!

  7. Popping back to say that, by coincidence, I just noticed that @katemothes is enjoying a whisky flight at Dalwhinnie Whisky Distillery in Scotland right now!

  8. I enjoy bourbon more than whiskey. I've tried that maple whiskey and it's a bit too sweet for me but I think there are definitely ways to use it in cooking that would be fabulous.

  9. I like whisk(e)y (especially Jameson's) and I like maple, so I might have to try that!

    1. I think it's pretty good, but if it turns out to be not exactly to your taste, look at all the delicious things you can bake with it!

  10. Yum! Adding 'liquor store' to my To-Do list.

  11. I'm not real flavored alcohol but that mojito does sound delicious! And the cake too. Dan and I may have to whip one of those up over Memorial Day! Thanks Bonny!

  12. OH Im going to get some for my hubby!

  13. I am on a crazy cocktail of medications that do not allow drinking. However back in the day I was a beer drinker :)


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