Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Right Now May 2019

It's been almost a year since I did a Right Now post, so clearly it's high time for one! Here's what's going on for me Right Now in the middle of May ...

Enjoying - Watching the garden grow in MD. We've had many issues with the garden in NJ over the past four or five years - the fact that it's located under our neighbor's walnut tree, the presence of a persistent fungus, drought, cabbage looper moths, etc.  

Tomatoes, Napa cabbage, Brussels sprouts, peas, and beans are off to a good start, and even some sunflowers that I planted have survived John's hoeing.  It's just the beginning of the garden season, but things in MD are looking good so far.

Looking Forward To - Trying some of this Snickers creamer in my tea tomorrow morning. Snickers are my favorite candy bar, but I haven't had one in probably eight or ten years. I saw this in the grocery store and just had to get it. My morning cup of tea is what gets me out of bed on most mornings, and I bet Snickers creamer will provide extra impetus.

Also Looking Forward To - A new vacuum cleaner. The house in MD has a ventral vacuum system. I didn't think I would like dragging a big, long hose around, but it's actually quite light, the house is tiny so there isn't much dragging around, and it has super suction. My vacuum is NJ sucks in the suction department and it finally broke last weekend, so now I can justify getting a new one. I've shopped around but will order one from Amazon to arrive in NJ by the end of the week. You know you're a boring adult when you're excited about a new vacuum!

Excited about - Our new picnic table. It's nothing fancy, but it will fit on the back patio in MD, hopefully last for the next two or three years that we are here, and provide a pleasant place to eat, knit, and have a beer after I finish mowing.

Making -  An apple spice cake. This one does not have maple whiskey in it because my bottle is in NJ, and it's pouring here in MD so I didn't want to walk to the liquor store. But I had apples, a spice cake mix, and time to bake a cake, so I did. 

Drinking - Crimson Fawn Sour Ale with Blood Orange. I bought this before I had my PE, but when I was discharged from the hospital the doctor said "No alcohol". I followed medical instructions to the letter for five weeks, but when I had my followup visit I asked him if there was some medical reason for this instruction. Since I'm on an anticoagulant, he didn't want me drinking to excess, falling down drunk and suffering a brain bleed, so I promised to enjoy in moderation. That's easy; a glass of this ale or two fingers of whiskey is about my limit under any circumstances, and I'm glad to enjoy alcohol again with the doctor's blessing. 

Watching - Endeavour Season 5. I know this has been available for quite a while, but Endeavour is my absolute favorite so I've been "saving" it. I'm trying not to watch more than one episode a day, but we'll see how long that lasts.

Wondering - How mothers and sons communicated before text messaging. Both of my sons seem much more open to expressing themselves in text messages, saying things they won't bring up in person, and writing heartfelt words that their mother loves to read. Oftentimes these texts are sent late at night (i.e. after I've gone to sleep) but I'm happy to be awakened by some of these lovely messages and grateful to receive them.

What's going on in your world right now?


  1. I have some serious garden envy right now! We just got some plants through our synagogue's plant sale over the weekend, but it's been too rainy the past couple of days to put them in the ground.

    I'll be interested to hear how that creamer is. Might be a good treat!

  2. I am cheering your ability to savor a good beer (and that one looks amazing!!) and a finger or two of whiskey!

    And, Endeavor! My favorite - truly. He is just brilliant.

    Also, I too am deeply thankful for the wonder that is text messaging, I have found that both sons and daughters like to use this mode of communication!

  3. Must be something with that generation. Colin is much more comfortable texting than speaking on the phone. Works for me too!! Your garden looks wonderful - hoping it brings you lots of pleasure as well as produce this year.

    Cheers to a drink and cheers to Endeavour!! Enjoy both:)

  4. Early this morning I was thinking about making an apple cake. Not sure why the thought entered my head, but there it is! Your garden looks like it's off to a great start and I'll happily join you with two fingers of whiskey!

  5. I love a good sour beer! Your garden looks fantastic and like it will get plenty of sun, too.

  6. Your garden looks wonderful. We too have the dreaded black walnut trees. So our garden consists of vegetables in large pots. Looking forward to peppers and tomatoes. :::crossingmyfingers:::

    I'm having a quiet day. Stephen is here for a visit and he and Steve went to a car museum and left me home to knit and drink tea.

  7. I certainly understand about being excited about a new vacuum. Having something that works well makes the job so much easier! I love a good tool! I, too, love Endeavor so much. In season 6, he is moving ahead in time again, and he has the appropriate moustache for the times. I can't wait until it is released to watch it. I think your garden is looking very good, and I am hoping you will not have all the problems you had in NJ. It really is frustrating when the plants are looking good to have some insect or fungus begin to ruin the fun. I think men in general are much more comfortable communicating emotions without having to look you in the eye. Research has shown the best place to have a heart to heart with a man is in the car when you are sitting side by side, but in this day and age, maybe social media is even better. Who cares, as long as they are able to tell you what's in their hearts? I have been making bread, especially my first forays into whole "ancient grain" sourdough. So far, I have made a couple of loaves that were excellent, so I am happy with my progress.

  8. I'm glad you're able to enjoy a little treat (or life sustaining liquid) again! We're going to a restaurant this coming weekend that boasts a whiskey bar so I've been considering what "flight" I'd like to try. And the vacuum...I bought one about two years ago and thought...what has life come to when this is exciting? :-) I'll have to take a look at Endeavor! Enjoy the day Bonny!

  9. Endeavor six is coming to pbs.org in June :) I love that show we are starting season Five all I can say is JOAN WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM! ahem. Glad you can imbibe. I was told to only have one celebratory drink once in a blue moon so what't the point in that?? (due to meds I'm on). So sip a bit for me!!

  10. That garden looks fabulous. Don't you love the way they are so neat and tidy at the beginning of the season? Full of hope. I was out puttering around this afternoon- pinning down drip hoses. We had cold and rain last week but this week the temperatures are warming up - 84 degrees this afternoon. So nice to feel the sun on my back.

  11. I can't believe it's been more than five weeks since you were in the hospital ... cheers! the garden is looking wonderful. love to see those neat rows of green. I loved Season Five (and woot for the news that Six will be on PBS next month) ... good luck on the one a day rationing ;-) and enjoy your new vacuum!


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