Friday, September 1, 2017

I've Got This Covered

And by covered, I mean my Book Bingo card (complete with notes and scribbles). The last time I wrote specifically about what I was reading for Book Bingo was way back at the end of June, so I'm just going to list the books I've read since then with links to goodreads so you can further explore anything that might sound good to you.

The Chalk Artist - About art/artists2 stars

Bambi's Children - Backlist from an author you read for another square, 5 stars

Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat - About food, 3 stars

I Contain Multitudes - Borrowed, 3 stars

Invisible Emmie - Graphic novel, 4 stars

A Full Life - Recommended by a family member, 4 stars

The Hate U Give - Free square, 4 stars

Rain Reign - An author from the state where you live, 4 stars

Whispers Under Ground - Already own, 4 stars

Grief Cottage - That you want to read because of the cover, 4 stars

Broken Homes - An author from a country you've never visited, 4 stars

The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets - Wanted to read for more than a year, 4 stars

Magpie Murders - More than 500 pages, 3 stars

Safe as Houses - Collection of short stories, 4 stars

How Not to be Wrong - Re-read, 5 stars

Where the Water Goes - About nature, 5 stars

The Last Days of Night - Historical fiction, 3 stars

You can also see all the books in one place on my goodreads Book Bingo 2017 shelf here. If I had to pick favorites, they would be Bambi (thank you, Debbie!) and Where the Water Goes, both 5 stars and wonderful books, each in its own way.

It was a good summer of reading, and I want to thank Mary for organizing Summer Book Bingo 2017 and giving many readers (myself included) lots of enthusiasm for summer reading.

So what's next? Lots of books, lots of choices! I'm leaning towards The Resurrection of Joan Ashby, but there is also A House Among the Trees, or maybe The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay? What a delightful dilemma to choose my next book!

Wishing everyone a wonderful (and hopefully long) weekend, hopefully with a little time for some good reading!


  1. Fantastic!! I am looking forward to taking some time for reading this weekend. Have a great weekend Bonny!

  2. BRAVO! Well done! And, I strongly suggest Kavalier and Clay - listen to it - it is so wonderful!

  3. You are a well rounded reader and it's impressive to see a Bingo card completely covered!

  4. I better read HOW NOT TO BE WRONG! Love that show us all the covers

  5. And I just loved Magpie Murders! Oh well, I think my book taste is quite eclectic. For example, I think I am the only person who hated All the Light You Can Not See. Congrats on doing all that reading!

  6. YAY!!! (and I vote for Kavalier and Clay next - if you start soon you could finish before Hillary's book comes out next week) - just had a very nice time catching up with you... garden bounty, a finished hitchhiker and a re-start (I agree, the eyelets are much more interesting - and probably more fun to knit, too), daydreaming, eclipsing and a very fun 4-day cross country trip. Happy September!!


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