Thursday, September 28, 2017

Three on Thursday

Joining Kat and Carole for Three on Thursday.

1.  John was traveling to Denmark on Sunday and sent me the text above. I've known John for 43 years, and he has seen me knit during all of those years. I'm glad he noticed women knitting, and glad that he texted me. He also gets some points for recognizing a hat and sock, but I hoped that after 43 years he might have been a bit better at identifying characteristics of nice yarn (or asked the Danish ladies about their yarn and where he could get some to bring home to me). Blue just made me laugh. :-)

2.  I am not much of a sports fan and pay very little attention to baseball, basketball, football, etc. But the protests against racism during the national anthem have gotten my attention, and I'm very pleasantly surprised that teams, owners, and Roger Goodell recognize that football players do not have to surrender their First Amendment rights, even if the President seems unfamiliar with the Bill of Rights. I've read articles about how this may be more of a labor-relations/contractual issue than a Constitutional one, but I am glad to see that players, teams, CEOs, owners, and the NFL Commissioner are making their own thoughtful choices, and also making Americans think about what the players are kneeling and standing for and why. I just wish more people understood this is about racial inequality, not disrespect for the flag, anthem, or veterans. I wonder what will happen during the World Series?

3.  I know this doesn't look much like a bow now, but hopefully it will after I put some pieces together, string it, put on that funny-looking glove and try shooting an arrow or two. Wish me luck; more later!

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  1. I don't personally have a problem with the athletes kneeling during the anthem. I thought it was a very respectful form of protest. Thankfully, peaceful protest is still a right in a democratic nation!

  2. I would say that John has earned some bonus points in his knitting/yarn observations. Now, will he bring yarn home? My fingers are crossed!

    And, I find nothing disrespectful about any of the players taking a knee, or locking arms in solidarity, or staying in the locker room until the end of the anthem. I sincerely hope that standing does not become a contractual mandate. Really. That would be horrid.

    I can't wait to see the assembled bow! Good luck in deed!

  3. Looking for to more on your foray into archery! I loved your number 2 and agree whole heartedly!

  4. John's text cracked me up. Blue is apparently a quality and not a color. Love your number two and couldn't agree more. I'm tired of having veterans tell me that their opinion on this matters more than mine because of their service. Sorry but no. Good luck with the bow! I can't wait to hear more about your shooting adventures.

  5. I think the president makes strident remarks about things like the players kneeling in protest to keep everyone busy and distracted from the more serious issues our country is facing. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures in archery!

  6. I agree completely and without reservation that people should do what their conscience dictates about making their feelings known. No one has a right to complain, really. It is peaceful, nonviolent (and nonverbal!) protest, something all of us are guaranteed as a citizen. We do not live in a police state where everyone must agree in public with the "leader". Your husband's text was telling, Bonny. He should get lots of points for thinking of you and communicating to you about one of your passions. If he brings yarn home, he is indeed an exceptional husband! I know absolutely zero about bows, but that one looks like a beauty, Katniss!

    1. I'm glad the players are exercising their First Amendment rights, using their influence as sports figures in a positive way, and they are certainly making millions of people think! Kat ( told that she thinks they sell yarn in the grocery store in Denmark, so we shall see if there is any Danish yarn in John's suitcase. Me as Katniss makes me laugh every time I think about it, so thank you! :-)

  7. I agree with you Bonnie on your comments about the players. It is peaceful protest. To me, their kneeling, is, in a way (and this is me saying this) - a form of prayer.... I don't think what they are doing - this peaceful protest - is disrespectful to the flag or the anthem or veterans. And there are many veterans out there who "stand" with them...

    Sweet beyond belief that your husband texted to you about knitting!

    Linda in VA

  8. You got a bow??!!??!! Such fun. Loved your 2nd point (and agree) and loved the texts about knitting. Blue made me laugh too. hope he finds something squishy to bring home to you.

  9. My vintage recurve is a 30#. Just right for turkey hunting. What will yours be?
    It makes me sick that so many Americans don't recognize how important it is to PAY THEIR DUE RESPECT to our flag. The kneelers could have garnered attention to racial inequality in any of a multitude of other ways. How does it further a cause to alienate millions?

  10. oh! archery! now that is something super exciting :)


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