Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A True Unraveled Wednesday

I'm joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. 

When Ryan chose the graduate program at CSU, my first reaction was happiness that he would be working on his PhD at a school that was an excellent fit for him. My next reaction was dismay that it was 1700 miles away, but that was later followed by excitement because Fort Collins is also the home of The Loopy Ewe. As much fun as it is to shop with them on line, it's overwhelmingly wonderful in person.

I have shopped at this terrific store every time I've visited Ryan, and have more yarn than I need, so this time I told myself I was only going to buy one skein of sock yarn. [Insert peals of hysterical laughter here.] Ryan is an excellent yarn-chooser, and even though he helped me choose too many skeins, I just had to get them all.

Lynn, the Loopy Office Manager, checked me out and of course asked what I was planning to make with my yarn. When I told her I didn't know yet, she offered a great idea. There is a lovely Match and Move displayed right by the front door, and Lynn went right over to show me how it is knit, how my Fresh From the Cauldron and Wollmeise could work together, and just what a great shawl it is. I was so excited about my yarn and the whole experience of shopping at TLE that I didn't take any photos. I was very tempted to wind the skein of Wollmeise when we were on the plane in Denver and delayed due to lightning in the vicinity, but I did muster enough patience to wait until I got home to wind the yarn and cast on.

I gave it a few rows past the color change and admitted that these two yarns are not meant to be used together. There isn't enough contrast between them; in fact, I can barely see the difference no matter how much I try to convince myself. I love the Match and Move pattern, just not with these two yarns.

I will be unraveling as soon as I post this, and getting started on Plan B. I also came up with Plan C, and have high hopes that one (or maybe even both) of the alternatives will work.

Thanks to Ryan and Lynn for inspiring me to knit something besides a Hitchhiker, and thanks to Kat for Unraveled Wednesday so I can look at unraveling in a happier way!


  1. you can never own too much yarn. Buy more and often, it will keep you happy and young :) I would love to see loopy ewe one day in my future. I love your yarn adoptions and your project ideas.....

  2. I just seriously considered that pattern for a 2-skein sock yarn project! I went to a Fiber Festival over the weekend not really intending to buy yarn (echoing your peals of laughter here) and started a shawl right away to appease my guilt. I went with Mrs. Blandings.

  3. I have, like you, started merrily with yarns for a project only to find the yarns did not play well together. Oh, and I did truly laugh out loud at the thought of not buying all the yarns!

  4. TLE! Lucky you. I love the colors you've chosen and I love that pattern! Can't wait to see plans B and C.

  5. Match and Move is such a great pattern, but I agree you need more contrast between skeins. Can't wait to see your next plan!

  6. Oh my! That Fresh Cauldron is to die for! I would never have been able to choose just 1 yarn either.

  7. I think visiting The Loopy Ewe must be akin to visiting WEBS here in the north east - very cool and very spendy! I can see that those two skeins don't have enough contrast to work for that project but I know you'll find something that will make them shine!

  8. Yes that Fresh Cauldron is gorgeous and I hope Plan B involves using it with a light colored yarn; maybe pale yellow?

    I made Match and Move last year and it's my very favorite shawl ever. So fun!

    1. That Fresh Cauldron is my favorite, but I just couldn't find anything in my stash to pair it with. Next time I go yarn shopping I think I'll take it along and try to find something in person. I did swatch with the Wollmeise and possibilities from my stash for a Match and Move, and will need to take a fresh look tomorrow and see if I like any of them. There will be a Plan B; I just don't yet know what it is!

  9. do you really have THREE skeins of that Fresh Cauldron? oh my. you need to make ONE thing with all three skeins. and find something contrasty for the Wollmeise to knit Match and Move. (because otherwise you'll use it for another Hitchhiker ;-) ... admit it, that's what you were thinking, right?!)

  10. Your yarn choices are fantastic. I love them all. I think you're going to love your new choice of shawl (and all the different possibilities it offers)!

  11. Oh, Bonny! What yummy, luscious yarns!!! And you are SO right about the Loopy Ewe. It is a DANGEROUS place to visit. I'm pretty sure you'll find the Perfect Plan for all your new yarns! :-)


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