Thursday, June 22, 2017

Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for today is to write about your three favorite things to wear.

I work from home and rarely have occasion to dress up, so the clothing that I wear now is fairly boring. It's jeans, a blouse, and hitchhiker scarves in the winter, and short overalls in the summer. (I literally work in the field and overalls give me lots of pockets for carrying lots of things.) So, I'm going to interpret this topic as the three favorite things I've worn throughout my life. They're probably not any more fashionable than what I wear now, but they were more fun.

First Favorite: The multi-colored, flowered bell-bottoms that my Grandmother sewed for me.

Girls wearing pants was a big deal to my father and school, so I was only allowed to wear them as "play clothes" at home,
and bell-bottoms were absolutely forbidden ( I have no idea why). In 1967, my grandmother made these for me and I loved them. 

I wore them as often as I could, while eating cheese steaks on the floor

and celebrating our cat's birthday with my sister.

Second Favorite: My Southern Belle outfit

We lived in Florida for a few years while John was working on his Master's degree and I had a job in the lab at Tampa General Hospital. Every single one of of my lab colleagues was from the South, and they were fascinated by my northern accent and speech. They tried to get me to use "y'all" instead of "you guys", and wondered why I never said "Bless your heart". When we had a Halloween party I thought the best costume for me would be a Southern belle with a hoop skirt. I was pretty as a peach!

Favorite Number Three: My graduation gown

I got my Master's in Syracuse at SUNY Upstate Medical University, but had decided not to walk at graduation. My family asked (some might say practically begged) me to participate and promised they would come for the occasion, so I grudgingly signed up. There was a family kerfuffle and I ended up attending graduation and walking across the stage all by myself without any family members in the audience. I was upset for a long time, but now I like the photo as it reminds me of hard work, perseverance, and maybe even a little forgiveness.

Bonus Favorite: Glinda costume

I've posted this photo several times before, but have to include my Glinda costume in any list of my favorite things to wear. 

I can't wait to see everyone else's three favorite things to wear!

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  1. I'm glad you went with being proud of yourself and some forgiveness. :-) And I would have worn those bell bottoms every day too!

  2. Oh, Bonny! This post is THE BEST! The flower-power bell bottoms!!! I so love them. I, too, had to fight to be allowed to wear bell bottoms (and never, ever to school -- even under my dresses for recess), and when I finally got a pair (my mom took pity and made me some), I wore them all the time. I love your Southern Belle costume, too, and your cap and gown. But best of all? Glinda! XO

  3. LOVE!! Seriously, this is AWESOME! I love those bell bottoms! And, I love that your grandma made them for you!

  4. What a great and fun post!! The flowered bell bottoms are wonderful. And your hair when you were a southern belle!!! And Glinda! Love it all.

  5. I love those flowered bell bottoms! We couldn't wear pants to school until my senior year, and then it had to be "dress" pants. I had a white blouse similar to the one in your 3rd picture, I thought those long cuffs and collar were very hip! All your outfits are great, but Glinda is the sweetest!

  6. Bell bottoms are so memorable.
    I always wanted a skirt with lots of tulle, perhaps even now.
    Nowadays in this hot summer my favorite is a knit skirt, no front or back per se, so it goes on without thought. In my youth, flip flops were my daily wear, I had many colors to switch around. For winter, old LandsEnd sweater in black or gray, plenty of spots and unraveling but then who cared.
    (All my schools when growing up in rural WI required skirts/dresses, yes even in my senior year.)

    1. Our school's dress policy didn't allow girls to wear pants until 1970, and my father gave in in 1971 (even though he said they were "unladylike"). It's hard to understand or remember what the fuss was about, but it sounds like we all went through the same dress code struggle.

  7. I adore your interpretation of this topic! I remember play clothes, what a throw back that is, huh? It seems like all kids wear now are play clothes. And your costumes are fabulous, thanks so much for sharing the photos!

  8. I LOVE seeing all those wonderful outfits ... and reading the stories that accompany them. I can see why they're all favorites! (I've lived in the south for all but eight years of my life and I definitely say y'all, but never got that "bless her heart" thing :-)

  9. This most certainly IS one of the best posts on the subject of favorite clothing. One of the reasons I left home was to dress as I wished (bell-bottoms, fringe coats, moccasins). I can't wait to spend my time in jeans, t-shirts, and fleece jackets.

  10. Wow! What a fun post! I love seeing the favorites and the anecdotes that go with them!


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