Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Wish You Could Learn Instantly. For some reason (perhaps because of my TV watching in the 1960s and the fact that these are wishes), I'm imagining Samantha Stevens' magical nose twitch or Jeannie's crossed arms and blink accompanying this instantaneous learning.


So, I wish I could learn instantly:
  1. How to read faster (and comprehend more)
  2. How to knit faster (and make fewer mistakes)
  3. How to be more understanding and maybe even less judgmental
  4. How to procrastinate less
  5. How to enjoy painting (walls, not pictures) and the even more odious task of prep. work for painting
  6. How to take better photographs
  7. How to make pad thai 
  8. How to enjoy cleaning
  9. How to make flamework glass beads
  10. How to be more patient (yes, I see the irony in this one!)
These are all things I would like to learn in a flash, but sadly have never put forth
 the necessary time and effort. I highly doubt that it's even possible to enjoy
 painting and cleaning!

What are your instant learning wishes?


  1. I think your list is totally do-able (with a little patience, of course!). Unlike mine . . . that includes some completely unattainable things. (Like biochemistry. And sound mixing.)

  2. Also . . . I dreamed of having Jeannie-power or Samantha nose-twitching when I was a child. (Actually . . . I still do.)

  3. Procrastinate less and enjoy cleaning? Sign me up for those! I need to learn asap!

  4. YES on #1!! I'd like to retain what I read so much better than I do! And yes, to 10, and yes, I love the irony!!

    Great list!

    I loved Samantha's magical nose twinkle and the sound that went with it!

  5. I totally think you can learn to make pad thai and when you do I'm coming for dinner and I'm bringing my guitar. :-)

  6. I too would love to make pad thai (and if you make it, I'll eat it) - that would be easier - LOL! I'm one of those strange people that likes to paint walls. So I'll paint - you make pad thai!!

    Linda in VA

  7. I'd like to learn to learn to play the trumpet like Miles Davis.

  8. what a list!! I bet you'll learn all of those things in time. I think I'd like to be patient but impatient is my middle name...

  9. that's quite a diverse list! I'm sure you can learn Pad Thai and glass beads...and slow(er) knitting is a great help for patience. (I'm not sure you really need to learn to love cleaning?!)

  10. Oooh! I've made Pad Thai -- it's not as hard as you might think! I wish I liked painting (walls) more, too. ;)


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