Monday, September 14, 2015


This weekend was the Garden State Sheep Breeders Sheep and Fiber Festival. It's tiny
 (compared to Rhinebeck or MD Sheep and Wool), but that's a good thing in my book. 
There are four barns to wander through, full of sheep and yarn.

I was surprised and happy to see the sheep below in the show ring. I pass them every day on my walk, sometimes giving them a friendly pet and scratch behind the ears. 
They won best ewe and ram, so I will have to congratulate them tomorrow.

There was a Sheep Dog herding demonstration that fascinated me for almost an hour. 
The dogs were incredibly well-trained, and the relationship between the 
dogs and their trainer was really something to see.

There was also yarn! I only bought one skein, but I may be experiencing buyer's remorse 
(as in I'm sorry I didn't also buy the yarn for Cypri.) I will probably be ordering from
 Seven Sisters Arts in the near future. Her yarn bases feel wonderful 
and the colors are really stunning.

I bought the skein of 7SA Meridian on the top, hoping it would match the Casbah
 on the bottom for Clockwork. I've been looking for a match for over a year and 
this is the closest I've come, but I'm reserving my final decision
 until after I wind and swatch.

It was a very nice way to spend a Sunday!


  1. that was a very nice Sunday! a small-ish festival sounds a lot more relaxing than the bigger ones. and I really like the yarn you came home with - I think it's going to look great in Clockwork.

  2. Small festivals are great because you can actually SEE everything without all those crowds!

  3. We were there on Saturday - it was the best!

  4. I'm impressed with your yarn-not-buying skills!

  5. Small festivals are much more fun and have far fewer crowds. I think you did great in picking your colors!

  6. That's a great afternoon! Congrats on the restraint. I love the choice you made!

  7. I always love the Michigan Fiber Festival -- also a small one, but still way more crowded than I'd like. I love to watch the sheep dog herding! It's always just plain fascinating. (I think those colors will work very well together, by the way.)

  8. Looks like fun, especially the sheep herding dogs!

  9. I think you were in a blue mood while buying yarns, I was in a purple buying mood, egged on by my husband. We didn't stay for the sheep herding demo but I kind of wished I did!

  10. Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival is also quite small compared to NY or MD, but so completely enjoyable. It's still overwhelming in terms of vendors and ALL THE THINGS, but at least it's only two barns full instead of eight. ;)


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