Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - Labor Day

Today's Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Did This Weekend, and luckily, I think I did at least 10 things this weekend.
  1. Made potato salad for a family picnic. This was for 25-30 people, and gathering data from recipes told me I should use anywhere from 6-30 pounds of potatoes. I went with 10, and that was perfect.
  2.  Picked watermelons from the garden.
  3. Ate watermelon from the garden.
  4. Went to a family picnic. This was my husband's family, and included some people I had never met in person or hadn't seen in more than 35 years. It was an interesting experience, in many ways!
  5. Knit quite a bit.
  6. Ate bear for the first time. Delicious! 
  7. Read quite a bit.
  8. Walked quite a bit.
  9. Mowed the tiny bit of lawn that isn't dried, frazzled, and dead from drought. It only took me about 10 minutes. :-(
  10. Took inventory of my big freezer, and after finding that I had 30 packages of frozen shredded zucchini, I made this and this, and enjoyed them with this:

You're probably not on the edge of your seat reading about all my excitement this weekend, but any weekend that includes knitting, reading, and beer isn't too bad in my book!


  1. Ate bear???? I had to read that a couple of times to make sure I didn't misread it. Now I'm curious!

    It sounds like you had a nice long weekend full of family and relaxation, and that sounds just perfect.

  2. BEAR!?
    Your weekend sounds just like the type of weekend I love!

  3. Watermelons from your garden? How cool is that!!!

  4. Actually, i enjoy this sort of voyeurism. That is a LOT of zucchini....bear really tastes good?? We don't usually eat carnivores, so I'm curious.

  5. I think your weekend sounds great. I've had bear and I think it's pretty good. And our lawn is also dried up and mostly dead.

  6. nice weekend! reading knitting walking eating, all my favorite past times.

  7. Another request for more information on bear meat and how to cook it.

  8. I think your weekend sounds just perfect! And bear...I've eaten it also. I liked it but it small amounts. And the lawn mow...sounds like a win to me!

  9. Lots of good stuff for a long weekend.

  10. I love weekends like yours! Sounds wonderful and restful (except maybe not the meeting-the-relatives part). And . . . did you say BEAR????

  11. My dad was a hunter, so I ate bear (once), too. Made it into some variety of beef burgundy thingy because it was so strong-flavored and tough. That was nearly 40 years ago; can't say that I yearn to have it again.

    Your weekend sounds perfect to me!

  12. Your weekend sounds delightful! Knitting, reading, walking--all lovely!

  13. Your weekend sounds lovely - reading, knitting, beer AND zucchini quiche!! (and bonus relationship points for the family picnic :-)


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