Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thermogenesis on Thursday

There are going to be a bunch of babies joining my family this fall, so I decided I had better get busy with baby knitting. My idea was to start with the most time-consuming project (a blanket) first so the others would seem like a piece of cake. This strategy gave me plenty of time to figure out what kind of baby blanket I wanted to make, buy yarn, waste hours on trying to crochet a ripple blanket, rip it out four or five times, surrender and fall back on my default feather and fan knitting pattern, return previous yarn, buy new yarn, and finally make a productive start. Our weather this week has me rethinking this idea.

Heat and humidity is my least favorite combination, and while 137 degrees may seem a bit extreme, I think it feels more like 173 with the growing blanket on my lap and legs.

I wonder if the babies would enjoy something knit with linen? I would surely enjoy knitting with it more this week!


  1. UGH! After living most of my life in the high desert, I just can't take that humid heat any more.

    But the blanket is gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE that blanket - and the color is so fresh! (and I completely year ya about a blanket in the heat...mine is languishing at the 1/3 mark - I need to find a very well-airconditioned space - our yarn shop perhaps?! - to make progress)

  3. I hate heat and humidity and I hibernate until the cold weather appears. Babies!!! lucky you to be knitting for them :)


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