Monday, September 29, 2014

Little House in the Park

My local borough library is quite small, but some really good things come in small packages. I can walk there, they entertained my kids with countless story times and craft projects, and they have a lovely fireplace with a real fire on cold winter days. The well-worn leather armchairs are a perfect spot for reading. They also have some devoted volunteers, like this wonderful and thoughtful gentleman. He built three "Little Libraries" and two of them were installed this summer. While knitting on the porch this weekend, I was incredibly excited to look across the street to the borough park and spy the third one, my very own Little Library!

I know it's not really mine, but it is just across the street, and I've already left four books in it and taken one. Book Bingo showed me that I need to keep my reading fun and not settle into a rut, and I think my Little Library will help me to do that.

There is something captivating about a tiny house, but a little house filled with books is priceless!


  1. how lucky you are! I live far away from the library so I just do not go there anymore like I used to when the kids were small. great photos!

  2. I love libraries. We have two Little Free Libraries in our tiny village and at least one in the next village down the road.

  3. WOW! I've read about these, but sadly haven't seen one in real life (yet?!) maybe that will be a square on next year's bingo to read a book from a "book swap box"!

  4. Some librarians really hate the "little libraries," but I'm fond of them myself. Sure, they're not libraries in the fullest sense, but they're awesome just the same. And this one is really well made and super cute!

  5. That is the best! I've never seen one either. And I see you're reading Centennial. Our friends in CO just recommended it. I'm going to get a copy for Dan for Christmas and put it on my Goodreads to read list. ;-)


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