Monday, September 22, 2014

Book Bingo - The Completely Covered Edition

With many thanks to Mary and Books on the Nightstand, I had a terrific summer reading experience! I was a little hesitant to commit initially, but decided to live on the wild side and give Book Bingo a try. Once I started, I didn't want to stop, and ended up completely covering my bingo sheet. I'm not sure if that counts as five, seven, ten, or twelve bingos, but the real reward was the reading!

In case you can't read my scribbles, here are the books I read and the squares they covered:
  • A Visitor for Bear, A Birthday for Bear, Sniffles for Bear, and Just a Minute - An author who shares your first name. These are easy reader and picture books, but I was so thrilled to find an author that shared both my first and last name that I read everything our local library had and counted them as one square.
  • Hot Zone - Nonfiction
  • The Black Hour - Published in 2014
  • Fangirl - That you saw someone else reading
  • The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency - Cozy Mystery
  • The Secret History - That everyone but you has read
  • Remember Me Like This - Borrowed from the library
  • Attachments - With a one-word title
  • Calling Invisible Women - With a red cover
  • The Good Girl - With a child on the cover
  • The Thirteenth Child - Fantasy
  • We Were Liars - Young adult novel
  • A Constellation of Vital Phenomenon - An audiobook
  • Flowers for Algernon - Published before 1970
  • Everything I Never Told You - Thriller/Suspense
  • Perfect - That you chose because of the cover
  • The Grasshopper King - With an animal on the cover
  • All the Light We Cannot See -  Longer than 500 pages
  • Wave - Biography or memoir
  • The One Plus One - With a number in the title
  • A Thousand Mornings - Poetry collection
  • The Silkworm - Currently on the bestseller list
  • How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking - Six words or more in the title
  • Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories - Reread something 

Three of these were 5 star books; eight of them earned 4 stars; fourteen garnered 3 stars, and there were only two that were a slightly disappointing 2 stars for me. If you're interested, there are more details here on my Book Bingo Goodreads shelf.

I was in a reading rut, reading a lot of the same type of literary fiction, so I'm really grateful for the refreshing change that Book Bingo provided. I was able to branch out, try new genres, and surprise myself a bit. Usually I read reviews and consider books carefully before I start, but Book Bingo helped me return to some real fun in reading. In a happy coincidence, my tiny local library began offering books through Overdrive this summer, and it was a real pleasure to choose audiobooks and ebooks that way. I found my favorite summer book, Wave, via Overdrive, and am very thankful that I had the chance to read this stunning book. I loved Book Bingo and will look forward to doing it again next summer!

 Entrance to Denver Public Library


  1. You did a great job of reading a wide variety of books! It might be a good idea for me to try this next year, as I rarely venture outside my comfort zone.

  2. I am delighted you enjoyed the challenge ... and rose to meet it! what a reading summer you had! I'm counting a covered card as 12 bingos. quite an accomplishment! I also loved A Thousand Mornings and just added Wave to my TBR list. hoping to continue reading outside my comfort zone a little more and I'm looking for ways to make that happen but still keep it fun. (stay tuned)

  3. What a great idea! I'd like to try this next summer. And lots of your selections are sneaking onto my TBR list, too. Meanwhile, my book club calls so I will be trying to keep up with them over the winter. Alas, I'm a terribly slow reader.


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