Monday, May 5, 2014

It all starts with Streptococcus


  • If you give a boy group A strep, he's going to end up in the hospital with a scary high fever.
  • When his mother races to the hospital, she will end up with group A strep herself.
  • When his mother gets strep, she's going to wish for some help at home.
  • When she wishes for help at home, she will discover that her husband is stuck in Germany due to a Lufthansa pilot strike.
  • When her husband returns from Germany, he is greeted by a small meltdown/explosion in our old steam boiler furnace.
  • When the complicated and expensive furnace replacement has begun, it will be time for the refrigerator to die.
  • When the new refrigerator is delivered, we will give thanks and hope that this Series of Unfortunate Events is at an end!


  1. yikes! this sounds like a very sad series of events. I hope you are feeling better by now and that all is well. We had to replace a water pump and that was pricey not to mention extremely inconvenient.

  2. Sounds like a bad case of "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" to me. Hope you're all feeling better and more settled now. Because that's far too much excitement for one short period of time! XOXO to you, Bonny.


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