Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Family Plot

Spring has been full of changeable weather here - rain, snow, hail, frost, wind, and even a bit of sun! We decided to take a leap of faith and plant our tomato and Napa cabbage seedlings, along with lots of seeds. The sugar snap peas have sprouted, and string beans, radishes, carrots, zucchini, and cucumber seeds are in their rows. We ran out of room and stole some space in my MIL's garden for peppers and watermelons. I know that bits of green in a brown landscape don't look like much now, but to me it's finally beginning to look like a real garden after The Woeful Winter of Endless Wretchedness!

 I didn't look at the seed envelope, but this spinach may be the Never-Die or Superhero variety. We planted it late last fall in an effort to get a second crop, but it got snowed on in October before it matured. It was buried under three feet of snow and ice for much of the winter, but once the garden thawed out it only took a week of warmth for it to revive and thrive! I've cut the row three times so far and we've been eating lots of spinach and strawberry salads, steamed spinach, spinach quiche, spinach lasagna...

  Our apple trees are blooming but I haven't seen any bees, so I need to get out there with my paintbrush and do some pollinating myself.

 Here's hoping that Spring has really arrived for you!


  1. Your garden is going to be a place of bounty! We've also been eating spinach non-stop. I love the ever-growing varieties.

  2. wow, I cannot believe that spinach made it through the winter, you definitely got your money's worth :) We are waiting until after memorial weekend before planting. I'm hoping some volunteers sprout in the meantime.

  3. It's so refreshing to see spring finally here! We were hoping to get the garden going outside this weekend but the weather may not work with us. Oh well - Memorial Day weekend it is! You have a great garden spot. I look forward to seeing it grow over the summer!


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