Wednesday, April 2, 2014

True or False

Thank you for your guesses yesterday; I love the logic people used! Here are the answers:

1.  I was a majorette in high school. Think batons, twirling with fire, purple and gold tassels, and white boots! Totally true, but sorry, no pictures!

2.  I have my glider pilot certification. Sadly, this is false. I was fascinated with gliders in high school and made a small start on my pilot certification, but quickly found out that it is not a hobby for someone on a budget.

3.  I don't like different foods touching on my plate, and during a meal, I eat things in order from my least favorite to most favorite. True, and I'm glad to hear that others understand this.

4.  I underwent an exorcism when I was twelve. There were a lot of supernatural/unexplainable things happening in our house and it was determined that these were due to me. It worked! This one is false, but it did happen to one of my best friends. Her mother was sure that she was possessed and convinced their priest to perform an exorcism.

5.  I desperately want a tattoo. True, but I don't want to be an old lady with a tattoo.

6.  I hate things between my toes, to the point that I'm cringing even thinking about flip-flops. Absolutely true.
7.  I met and shook hands with Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinski scandal. I'm ashamed to say I found him charming. Yup, true.

8.  I can't eat candy with faces. This means no Peeps, no chocolate bunnies, no cute duckling Sweet Tarts. True. This one originated with my oldest son, but now holds true for me also.

9.  I have a Playbill signed by Alan Rickman. True. A friend knew my love for all things 'Snapeish' and gave it to me. 
10.  I am a former junior champion at trap shooting. Completely false.


  1. We are twins for number six. I just can't walk in flip flops or stand that feeling, I think I've got tender dainty feet....

  2. You did a good job of fooling many of us. While somethings seem far fetched, you just never know!

  3. I'm so glad you don't want to be an old lady with a tattoo. Too many others are ...

  4. I was really hoping that you had Alan Rickman's autograph. He's simply my favorite actor--as Snape and every other role he's played!

  5. That was such a great list. I can't believe the exorcism! How horrible!

  6. Great fun! And my sister-in-law had the same encounter with Bill Clinton and said he was soooo charismatic. And regarding HIMYM...I guessed the ending about 1/2 way into the show. I was okay with the show - I did laugh out loud a couple of times and that's always a bonus! I thought it went one season too long but they were pretty clever this season. How about you?

  7. loved playing along - glad that I know a few more things about you...and GREAT cartoon to caption the post!

  8. Great list and much fun! (I was hoping you didn't actually have an exorcism . . . but I was pulling for the majorette gig!!!) (I used to do the same thing with my food, but lately I've just let it all mash up together . . . and I'm doing just fine.)


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