Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - April Fool's (or Not) Edition

The London Times ran a photo of "tartan sheep" said to have been bred by Grant Bell of West Barns, East Lothian. However, the Times warned, "Before you complain of being fleeced, check out the baa-code for today's date."

Because today is April Fool's Day, our Ten on Tuesday topic is a bit different (and quite possibly foolish) ! Carole has suggested that we share 10 things about ourselves - some true, some not, and then invite readers to decide which is which. I'll give you a tiny hint; all of these are true, but they may not all be true for me.

1.  I was a majorette in high school. Think batons, twirling with fire, purple and gold tassels, and white boots!

2.  I have my glider pilot certification.

3.  I don't like different foods touching on my plate, and during a meal, I eat things in order from my least favorite to most favorite.

4.  I underwent an exorcism when I was twelve. There were a lot of supernatural/unexplainable things happening in our house and it was determined that these were due to me. It worked!

5.  I desperately want a tattoo.

6.  I hate things between my toes, to the point that I'm cringing even thinking about flip-flops.

7.  I met and shook hands with Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinski scandal. I'm ashamed to say I found him charming.

8.  I can't eat candy with faces. This means no Peeps, no chocolate bunnies, no cute duckling Sweet Tarts.

9.  I have a Playbill signed by Alan Rickman.

10.  I am a former junior champion at trap shooting.

I'd love to hear your guesses! I'll provide the true and false answers tomorrow.


  1. I SO love your list! (I hope all of them are true.) I'm going to bet . . . the exorcism is a fake . . . but, beyond that, they all seem pretty darn plausible to me!

  2. #4 for certain (I hope!) and possibly # 8.

  3. I can believe them all - but I'm really hoping #4 is a tall tale. And the food touching - I totally get it. I'm not thrilled with things between my toes either. I am just able to wear flip flops after 45 years.

  4. I'm with the others - I'll guess #4 is fiction and all the rest is true. very cool list!

  5. Hmm, I'm going to say #4 and maybe #8. Cute list!

  6. #3 and 8 make perfect sense to me. #4 seems highly suspicious, which makes me think it's true.

    So I'm gonna say #10 is the false one.

  7. Just found this....#2, #4 and #10 are false. I believe the others to be true although I question #7 & #8. But I'm not sure I count since I'm your sister and knew most of your list. Unexplainable things may have happened at our house growing up but it must have been the albinos who lived on Ghost Mountain.


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