Friday, March 28, 2014

She Said It - Week Four

"Do it right the first time."
"I made you some baked apples."
"Let's go dig some sassafras roots."
"Here, have another corn fritter."
-Hazel, Extraordinary Grandmother

While those words may not have been said by a famous person, they were spoken with candor, clarity, and love. They shaped my childhood and continue to guide me as an adult.
 Thank you, G'ma.

Kym had the wonderful idea to celebrate Women's History Month with the legacy of women's words each Friday during March. Thank you, Kym!


  1. I LOVE this! (I didn't have an extraordinary Grandmother, unfortunately, to guide me on my way. Yours sounds very wise and wonderful.)

  2. ah lucky you! and I love that she sat for a portrait when she was "older". that's very wise. (note to self and all that!)

  3. I love this!! Especially since we share this wonderful woman you speak of. She made us keep under our beds clean too and matching white (pleather) jumpers (with red leotards and turtlenecks, she could re-upholster a sofa and accurately check the temperature of a cast iron stove by putting her hand in the oven and then cook a mean and perfect roast in it and she always gave very accurate directions using E, W, N and S and making a right by the big white pine tree or red barn. She was an extremely extraordinary woman who you big seester take after!!


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