Friday, March 21, 2014

She Said It: Week Three

"I'm going to be a famous scientist."*
"I'm never going to get married."
"I'm never going to have kids."
 -Bonny, 6 years old

This girl is definitely not a historical figure, just someone who is eternally grateful that none of the words she said way back when turned out to be true.

Kym had the wonderful idea to celebrate Women's History Month with the legacy of women's words each Friday during March. Thank you, Kym!

*This is as far as I got in my quest to become a famous scientist. I'm neither famous, nor a scientist, and that's just fine with me!


  1. Great choice. We are all "great" women!
    whew I'm very happy my childhood words never come true, too. I wanted 12 children all BOYS! That may be because I am the eldest of 7 children (6 girls).


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