Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Darn It!

I tore a hole in these on a teeny, tiny nail in the wood floors at my mother-in-law's house. We had a nice visit, but the whole time we were chatting, I was distractedly thinking about fixing this. They're commercial alpaca socks from our local alpaca farm, but in terms of price and warmth, they were definitely worth fixing.

It's really really a knit-in-place patch and not technically darning, but I finally gathered my needles, yarn, and courage to give it a try. I followed Kate Gilbert's great instructions on all types of sock repair and ended up with a patch that isn't pretty but is serviceable.

That practice has prepared me for my next repair. When I saw these holes I said something like "Darn it!" but not exactly that expression.

I found the holes when I picked the hat up from Youngest Son's floor, and initially attributed them to a careless twenty-year old. On further inspection I also saw damage to the duplicate stitching. Youngest Son was exonerated and moths/carpet beetles became the prime suspects. The hat has been in the freezer while I worked up the courage and patience to try and fix it. It's also prompted a thorough cleaning of Youngest Son's room, which was a scary prospect in itself. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! My husband is hard on socks, and so much so that they are thrown away-yes my hand knits. He wears the bottoms threadbare!! And yet I have my original pair of woolen socks. I just don't know what he does to them!!

  2. It breaks my heart when I find holes in something hand knit. At the moment my favorite shawl is in need of repair. I'm paralyzed! Nice work on the sock!

  3. I'm curious to hear how the knitted patch feels when worn. I haven't tried that darning technique. Yet!


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