Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things I Like About Winter

I'll be honest; I wasn't going to participate in this week's Ten on Tuesday topic because I wasn't sure I could come up with ten things I like about winter. After reading several blog entries that did participate, I realized they made things sound so cozy and lovely that I needed to quit whining and look for the good stuff. It's out there, even if it's buried under two feet of snow and frozen at -8 degrees!

1. The weather
I really, really dislike heat and humidity, so I'm definitely a winter person. I could do without the Polar Vortex Redux we're experiencing, but our high of 11 degrees today is still better than 95 degrees and 80% humidity.

2. The snow
We've had quite a bit of it, and while I don't look forward to shoveling, I usually enjoy it once I get started. I get some useful exercise, get to enjoy the lovely blue skies after the storms, and be grateful that I'm physically able to shovel. I also greatly enjoy Younger Son's shoveling help when he's home.

3. The snowflakes
I have a real fascination with snowflakes, due in part to Snowflake Bentley. He did some amazing snowflake photography in 1885, and Kenneth G. Libbrecht at Caltech is doing some amazing photomicrography now. You can see his stunning photos at SnowCrystals.com, along with a plethora of scientific snowflake information.

4. The food
I love making soup and baking, and winter is the perfect time to do both. My current favorite is Wild Rice and Chicken Soup, but I'm always looking for new and recommended recipes, so I'd love your suggestions!

5. The clothing
I love coziness so sweaters, scarves, cowls, and fingerless mitts are real favorites. I'm currently staying warm with my new favorite alpaca sweater that Older Son gifted me with this Christmas. I love it with my alpaca scarf!

6. The knitting
Winter is the perfect time of year to knit. I don't like the cloying, sweat-inducing feeling of knitting wool in the summer, but it provides some much-needed extra warmth in the winter, plus I'm making things to keep my family warm. This warms my heart!

7. The watching
I've just entered the 21st century and gotten Netflix. Winter is the perfect time to catch up and binge watch some favorites - Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and House of Cards. I can't wait for Kevin Spacey's evil, devious plotting and planning to return on Feb. 14. I might even welcome a Valentine's Day snowstorm so I don't feel guilty staying inside and watching the whole second season.

8. Winter walks
I don't take my daily walk when it's cold, icy, and snowy, but I do try and get out when the weather allows. Sometimes this happens at night when it's peaceful, quiet, magical, and snowflakes reflect!

9. Hot Tea
I work at home and keep the house quite cool, so in addition to bundling up in alpaca, I need plenty of hot tea. Loose leaf PG Tips, Constant Comment, peppermint, chai - I love them all.

10. Flowers
Winter isn't usually a time for flowers, but since February feels long, cold, and dark, I look forward to something blooming to help me get through it. Hopefully my amaryllis will cooperate and burst into bloom in February, along with my forced hyacinths bearing the lovely scent of Spring.


  1. Good list! I'm glad you decided to participate.

  2. Oh that bread looks so delicious! I wasn't sure I would be able to come up with 10 things either but it was kinda easy.

  3. Winter is definitely good. Any season without sweating and mosquitoes is the best, in my book ...

  4. Your winter looks cozy, warm, and beautiful!!

  5. Love those snowflakes and the baking! Great list and great shot of your son on the snowbank!

  6. You are my TWIN! I love every single thing you love, honestly :) I'm a winter lover through and through.


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