Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hope for Spring...

even in the face of an impending Winter Storm. It's capitalized because depending on which hyperbolic weather forecast I read, we're predicted to get anywhere from 4-18" of snow, blowing winds, blizzard conditions, below zero temperatures, and general apocalyptic weather conditions. I do appreciate the hard work of meteorologists so I know what's coming, so I made the trip to the grocery store like everyone else. In our house we call it "French Toast Weather" since we seem to be compelled to run out and get milk, eggs, and bread.

The fun part of my storm preparations involved planting some crocus bulbs! I know it's a bit late, but Santa likes to leave half-price bulbs in my stocking, and this is the first chance I've had to plant them. 

Turns out the ground was frozen, so I needed heavier equipment than the trowel.

I did find some interesting ice/soil formations, lovely in their own intriguing way.

Now all my bulbs are resting peacefully, comfortably nestled under their oak leaf blanket. Bring on the snow!


  1. I love snow so much! We have four inches and it's beautiful. The nice thing about seasons is very soon winter will yield to spring and flowers will bloom!

  2. I love the frozen ground! So. Cool. Hope you're managing well with the snow. (It's still snowing here. . .)


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