Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Moments from 2013

I'm excited about this week's Ten on Tuesday topic - 10 Favorite Moments from 2013. I just started blogging in July 2013, but I did have some wonderful, memorable moments happen earlier in the year. Given the appalling state of my memory, I welcome the chance to preserve some of my favorite moments for posterity.

1. Hey, I know that kid!

My oldest son graduated from Gettysburg College in May 2013. We were (and are!) incredibly proud of him, especially because he was the valedictorian!

2. Hey, I miss that kid!

Oldest Son decided to pursue his Ph.D. in mathematics at Colorado State University. We were absolutely thrilled that he was accepted into a program that was perfect for him (with funding!); the only slight downside was that he had to move 1700 miles away to pursue his dream. That is a very small price to pay for your dream, so I helped him move to Fort Collins in August 2013. It was a long but wonderful trip, and I'm looking forward to visiting Fort Collins again this summer, especially now that he has furniture in his dining room.

3. We went on a really fun, relaxing vacation at Keuka Lake and I got to kayak across the lake and back with my duck friend.

 3. I knit some things I really like...

4. I bought some great yarn...

 5. I grew some things I really like...

6. I baked some things I really like...

 7. I read some excellent books...

8. I appreciate the moments I can notice beauty during some difficult tasks.


I had to shovel snow and painstakingly chip ice off of our sidewalks, driveway, etc. several times during 2013. I did take a few moments to appreciate the "ice flowers" that had formed on some of our pine trees, and hope I can appreciate more moments like this in 2014.

9. Everyone was home for Christmas this year! 

This is an event that I can't take for granted any longer, so I'm grateful we got to enjoy it this year.

10. I got to enjoy another wonderful year with my wonderful sons!


  1. Looks like a great year!

  2. What a wonderful year! You must be so proud of your sons.

  3. Looks like you had a good year - let's hope 2014 treats you as well!

  4. that is a very joyful year! I am assuming he likes the Phd program. We are waiting on the 12 yes 12 schools that my son applied to this past month. It's going to be a long winter :) Thanks for sharing your year with us!!

  5. I'm smitten with that wild creatures hat you knit! So adorable!! Hope 2014 is just as great!

  6. Fun to see your highlights. Your creature knits are great!

  7. I LOVE the pics of your sons with the Christmas tree! Looks like you had a great time -- to end a great year. Here's to a wonderful 2014.


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