Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wishful Thinking, Drinking, and Tinking

The blazing heat and soul-sucking, oppressive humidity that we had last week has dissipated (for at least one day!), so I ventured out to do some gardening. I picked a few cucumbers, wished my tomatoes would show even a hint of red, and gathered a huge bunch of mint for mint tea.

I've been making it in this same pitcher for more than 20 years (thanks, Tupperware!) so now the pitcher makes anything made in it taste of mint!

I've also been knitting on my second Hitchhiker, but for reasons I can't quite fathom, I haven't made much forward progress. I love the pattern and the yarn, but every so often I look closely and find a big loose stitch that looks like a glaring hole to me. I know I won't be happy with the final product if I don't correct it, so tinking ensues. I've probably tinked (and frogged) four or five times as much as I've knit, but I can't figure out why this almost effortless pattern and lovely yarn is causing me trouble. Surely it can't be me!

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