Friday, July 12, 2013

I Love The Boy Who Loved Math!

I love reading and finding out about "unsung heroes", those people that most of us have never heard of, yet we benefit in amazing and varied ways every day from their work, research, and insights. I'm talking about people like Claude Shannon, Karl Landsteiner, John Enders, and Gertrude Elion. I've always maintained that these people and their accomplishments should be far more widely known than those we currently laud as celebrities. I've just come across The Boy Who Loved Math! by Deborah Heiligman, and the fact that she thought Paul Erdős was an important subject for a book and Roaring Book Press thought it was worth publishing gives me some small hope that someday these unknown and unsung heroes like Erdős and others will be known and appreciated as they deserve. It is a children's biography and I haven't yet read it, but I have ordered my copy and can't wait! This terrific review by Elizabeth Bird explains why this is such an amazing book, for lovers of math and everyone else.

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