Thursday, July 20, 2023

A Gathering of Poetry: July 2023

It's the third Thursday of the month so I'd like to welcome you to A Gathering of Poetry. I don't remember how I came upon this poem, but it says what I've been thinking about lately, far better than I could express it myself.

Smart Cookie 
by Richard Schiffman

The fortune that you seek is in another cookie,
was my fortune. So I’ll be equally frank—the wisdom
that you covet is in another poem. The life that you desire
is in a different universe. The cookie you are craving
is in another jar. The jar is buried somewhere in Tennessee.
Don’t even think of searching for it. If you found that jar,
everything would go kerflooey for a thousand miles around.
It is the jar of your fate in an alternate reality. Don’t even
think of living that life. Don’t even think of eating that cookie.
Be a smart cookie—eat what’s on your plate, not in some jar
in Tennessee. That’s my wisdom for today, though I know
it’s not what you were looking for.


Schiffman, Richard. "Smart Cookie". Rosebud, date unknown.

You can read more about the poet here


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  1. This is just wonderful, Bonny! Thank you for sharing this fun, thought-provoking poem (and a new poet too!)

  2. What a delightful poem! I love a poem that can make you smile . . . and think . . . all in one.

  3. This one had me laughing out loud! Love it...and I do love the word kerflooey!

  4. This poem is certainly better than any fortune in a cookie!

  5. What a great poem reminding me to enjoy and be grateful what I have and not what I think I want.

  6. ... I do wonder about that jar in Tennessee! and love that we can only find our "real" fortunes where we are.


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