Thursday, May 18, 2023

A Gathering of Poetry: May 2023

It's the third Thursday of the month so I'd like to welcome you to A Gathering of Poetry. The poem I chose for today felt right as soon as I found it (or maybe it found me). 

Late Spring in the Mesilla Valley
Carrie Fountain
Walking this morning,
I thought, What if I stop saying
the little no I’m always saying?
What if I drop it right here
in the middle of Rabb Road?
You know the guy down the street
who left his Christmas lights up
until after Easter? Well, did you see
all the odd little mirrors he hung
in the bushes alongside his house?
I keep thinking I’d like to be forced
into a conversation with yes.
It’s not enough to brace yourself;
eventually you must allow this world
to hit you in the face.
All night I’ve been getting whiffs
of some late-blooming honeysuckle.
Half of me says, Don’t breathe.
But only half.


Fountain, Carrie. "Late Spring in the Mesilla Valley", Burn Lake. Penguin Books. 2010

You can read more about the poet here and here


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  1. Oh! That's a wonderful poem! What a perfect message for me to fold into my heart today. XO

  2. Wow! This poem pack a punch... beautifully! I love when poems pick us... it is magical!

  3. This line really hit me: "It’s not enough to brace yourself; eventually you must allow this world to hit you in the face." That's something I've been trying to do more, specifically the beauty of the world around me. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Great poem - I especially like the same line as Sarah!

  5. I've been thinking about saying Yes to a few new things ... and pondering why No feels so much easier? This poem helps. Thank you!

  6. I too would like to be forced into a conversation with yes - something to ponder

  7. I agree with Sarah, that line about letting the world hit you in the face is wonderful. I love the imagery of this poem, too.

  8. I want to say yes but I am a resisting kind of person! Lovely poem.

  9. I do like it when a poem seems to be just right for the moment. I too wonder why no is so much easier than yes. I have a dumb technical question. Where does one find those images that accompany the poetry posts?

  10. This poem has really great imagery. I love the idea of just dropping a word or concept right where we are.


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