Monday, February 21, 2022

Come Along With Me

It's been a while since I took you along on an exciting trip to the grocery store, but I could use some company for this less-than-fun task. Hop in the car and come along with me! 

I'm not sure what is D.I.Y. about pussy willows. Usually, I just put them in a vase and try to plant them outdoors when they grow roots. I haven't had any survive yet.

This display prompted a lightbulb moment for me. Jess (Justin's girlfriend) was telling me that she liked "Velveeta" for breakfast. I asked her again about this and she repeated herself. I didn't want to ask her yet again and risk sounding like an old lady who couldn't hear (even though that's what I was at that moment), so I just nodded and smiled. When I saw all these boxes in the granola bar aisle, it suddenly dawned on me that Jess must have been talking about BelVita. That made a lot more sense and is probably far better than Velveeta for breakfast. 

Anyone for mushroom jerky? None for me, thank you. I've added dried mushrooms to soup and stew, but never eaten them like jerky, even if they were hickory smokehouse flavor.

I do like how I can rely on the grocery store to clue me into upcoming holidays.

We have St. Patrick's Day less than a month away,

Passover beginning April 15 (I do hope that traditional Passover fare is more than just matzos and seltzer),

and Easter on April 17.

Here's a delightful new product, Peeps Pops. It looks like four Peeps on a stick and each Pop costs more than a whole box of Peeps.

I rarely go down the pet food aisle, but I did on this trip to see what was available for pets.

The jerky and many of the other items available in the dog snack section looked far better than the mushroom jerky.

And after your pet has enjoyed a snack, perhaps you could interest your cat in a snack drink. Right up at the top, it says "Snack drink for cats". I was amazed!

I was even more surprised by these "Lickable Treats"! It looks like soup, stew, and even special stew for senior cats. I got a kick out of the picture on the front showing them being eaten or served with a spoon. Cats can enjoy some pretty good meals.

Thanks for coming along to the grocery store. I wasn't pursued by the creepy Stop & Shop robot, and looking for new and interesting items did make my trip more fun than usual.

Have you encountered anything new during your grocery shopping? Or maybe your cat enjoys Lickable Treats and Catmilk Snack Drinks? Inquiring minds would like to know!


  1. Ha! Belvita - Velveeta....I sometimes get a lot of entertainment out of my "old lady" mis-hearing. While on a tour in Iceland a couple years ago, there was a young man (bit of a rogue) from Australia in the group. I asked him where in Australia...his reply as I first heard it was "I lied". After a seconds thought I realized he said Adelaide....but the first one also suited his personality.

    I can't say much about what senior cats eat. Our 18 year old cat now has a condiment named Magical Dinner Dust that we put on her food to encourage her to eat. No there is no CBD in the ingredients...I checked.

  2. I wonder if Fred and George would like cat milk? Guess what, though . . . they're never going to find out because that seems like a big fat waste of money. LOL

  3. I am dying over Velveeta/BelVita and Peeps Pops and Cats Milk! Your grocer has all the things!

  4. I definitely have a boring grocery store. We have no St. Patrick's Day department. No cat milk. No Peep-pops (yet; I'm sure those are coming). And no creepy robot. But we do have both Bel-vita and Vel-veeta! Thanks for taking along with us on your trip to the much-more-exciting-than-mine grocery store! XO

  5. My grocery store has lots of what I consider weird items fully stocked, but not so much with everyday things I need! Last week I had to go to 3 different stores just to get basics, so I did not linger to evaluate upscale pet items - LOL. I appreciate that you have updated me on these, Bonny. I hope your week last week was productive and now you are on the home stretch. You were missed.

  6. you had me chuckling about velveeta too funny! I cannot believe Easter is already amongst us. Looks like your grocery store is stocked to the brim! I need to pay attention to my one and see if it is the same.

  7. Now I'm wondering if you were mishearing her say Belvita or if she was *actually* saying Velveeta!

    We always get a laugh out of the fact that our local supermarket puts out matzah for EVERY Jewish holiday, even though it's only eaten for one. I wouldn't blame them except for the fact that this market chain was founded and is owned by Jewish families!

  8. Cat milk. I know for a fact that I would not buy dog milk! :-) There are so many peeps in this house right now getting stale (not mine) I can't even imagine introducing someone to peeps pops! (It looks like I can comment on this computer but not my iPad or phone. I'm sure it's me...)

  9. When my son was young (preschool) I taught on an American base in Italy and we had a very small grocery store (think 7/11 size). The first summer home he and I went to the grocery store and he just stood in stunned silence in the cereal aisle of the 'average' American grocery store. I was afraid people would worry about his cognitive abilities, lol.

    1. Grocery stores can be an experience! There is one near us that is almost too big with too many choices. I'm like your son and stand in stunned silence as I survey all the items available (but have trouble finding what I need).


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