Monday, February 28, 2022

A Sunday Walk

Yesterday we did not have to drive to MD (HOORAY!) so we went for a walk. Justin sent me this picture last week, so we were all excited to head down to his workplace to hunt for shed deer antlers.

It was a nice sunny day, with temperatures in the 40s and a brisk wind. There were five of us, so we walked through fields, over hills and dales, and through woods in a line but with 10 feet or so between us, keeping our eyes peeled for the extremely difficult-to-spot sheds. 

We didn't come home with a big haul, but we did find a few. It took us over three and a half hours to find these few and to be honest, I got tired of looking for antlers and started to look for other things.

There were lots of snowdrops in the woods, 

and since Justin works in Princeton, there are several large Princeton-appropriate buildings.

This sign is also appropriate and makes things pretty clear. 

There is a large pond with loads of honking geese, getting ready to pair off. In my efforts to avoid disturbing the geese too much, I took the long way around the pond and came upon a three-part stone bench. It was very cold and uncomfortable, but each section had an interesting quote engraved on it. This one says "Those who have moved the world have usually followed the will o' the wisp of their own intellectual and spiritual curiosity." (Abraham Flexner, one of the founders of the Institute for Advanced Study)

"All our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike and yet it is the most precious thing we have." (Albert Einstein)

"True scholars often work in loneliness, compelled to find reward in the awareness that they have made valuable, even beautiful, contributions to the cumulative structure of human knowledge, whether anyone knows it at the time or not." (George Kennan, international affairs faculty member at IAS) It is also fitting that he was best known as an advocate of a policy of containment of Soviet expansion during the Cold War. 

Looking for shed antlers was a nice reason to get outdoors, enjoy the warming weather and sunshine, and enjoy a respite from the news. George Kennan was also one of a group of foreign policy elders known as "The Wise Men", who helped to craft institutions and initiatives such as NATO, the World Bank, and the Marshall Plan. I fervently wish and hope that wise men will prevail in Russia and Ukraine. 


  1. That's more sheds than I have found in my lifetime! I'm impressed with the haul and also those quotes.

  2. I went on TWO walks this weekend while still in recovery mode. I was exhausted but it felt so good to be moving my body. Loved seeing the walkabout photos.

  3. I wanted to walk but it was too windy for me. I'm hoping today. You all found a bunch of shed antlers - very cool. I love that curved bench and the quotes - all appropriate. Let's hope for wise men and sanity. And YAY for not having to drive to Maryland!!

  4. I am so happy to read that you did not have to drive to MD this weekend! WOOOOO!

    And I am amazed by your antler finds... I have never found shed antlers. That pile is just amazing! And thank you for those words of wisdom... may Ukraine's determination hold fast and the world continue to aid them in every way possible.

  5. I have never found an antler shed. I've never actually . . . looked for one. It makes me feel like I've really missed something in all my walks in the woods! It sounds like such a perfect weekend, Bonny -- a lovely walk, snowdrop-spotting, and the words of wise me, too. Of course . . . the best of all . . . the Not Driving To MD thing. YAY!!! XOXO

  6. A walk in the sunshine sounds a heck of a lot better than driving to MD! It sounds like time well spent, too. Here's hoping that wise men (and women) solve the current turmoil quickly.

  7. I spy with my little eye - a lot of life enhancing activities with no more driving to MD! Your walk sounds lovely, I have never found a shed antler. I think they must be incredibly hard to spot in the woods. Thanks for sharing the bench and quotes, which were perfect for current events. Our weather is improving for a few days, so I see a lot of walks in my week to reconnect to nature, find balance, and hope that things improve greatly for the Ukrainian people. We should all be counting our blessings.

  8. What does one do with found antlers?

  9. Love your antler collection.

    We saw a buck this weekend. He had a pretty nice rack.

  10. Isn't it nice to be outdoors? The snowdrops are a treat. The benches with the quotes are interesting. Let's hope the wise and calm minds prevail. As awful as the news is, I am so thankful we have a calm thoughtful U.S. president at the helm. I can't imagine what a mess the previous occupant would be making under these conditions.

  11. I'm glad you had a good excuse to get outside ... and I much prefer the things you noticed to those antlers :-) also snowdrops!! (we don't have those here and they are so pretty)


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