Wednesday, November 24, 2021

What's in the China Cupboard on Unraveled Wednesday

I don't want to miss linking up with Kat for Unraveled Wednesday, so I'll take a small break from the contents of the china cupboard, and return to it tomorrow. But wait, my china set did come complete with several different yarn bowls! 

The covered version even has Windsor Castle inside, for when you want a fancy yarn bowl. 

I finished the ribbing on the body of the sweater, and have just started the stockinette portion on larger needles. Only 18" to go before I join the sleeves! 

I only finished one book last week, but it was a good one - The Chancellor by Kati Marton. It's a biography of Angela Merkel who I have long admired. After reading the book, I have even more reasons to appreciate her accomplishments. Merkel is intensely private and didn't speak to the author for the book, but I give her a lot of credit for keeping her ego out of her leadership (and out of the news). It's certainly a stark contrast to what goes on in the United States! 

Several books that I had requested months ago came up on Overdrive, so I've started These Precious Days and The Christmas Promise. These Precious Days is a collection of essays from Ann Patchett, and they've been great listening so far while I've made pies, stuffing, side dishes, and cleaned. The Christmas Promise is the latest book by Richard Paul Evans. This isn't the type of book I usually read, but I was feeling a bit tender when I first saw it and thought it was a book my mother would have loved. It may be formulaic and schmaltzy, but I'm hoping it won't be the worst book I read this year. If it's too bad, I've got another book of essays that I need to read and review on my Kindle - Bomb Shelter

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. Those are some very fancy yarn bowls!

  2. That's the fanciest yarn bowl I've ever seen!

    I literally just heard about that Ann Patchett essay collection this morning, so I'll be interested to hear what you think of it. I am trying to finish up Cloud Cuckoo Land today, provided life cooperates (technically I am still working half a day today) because more library holds are coming in. I'm also trying to finish up a charity hat.

  3. What beautiful yarn bowls! I sometimes just use a wooden bowl that my Grandfather carved. But your china ones are so pretty. All of the books you mention look interesting Bonny. If you have not read The Sweetness of Water, I highly recommend it. Sad, but what amazing and beautiful language the author uses.

  4. beautiful yarn bowls! Love the photo composition and of course the yarny goodness.

  5. That china is just a show stopper, Bonny. You must have a lot of pieces! The great thing about reading is that you can put down a book you don't like and walk away at any time, so nothing lost trying to read anything. I am looking forward to Ann Patchett's essays myself. Have a terrific Thanksgiving, Bonny. You had better get that yarn out of those bowls before dinner tomorrow!

  6. Those are some incredible yarn bowls! (and yay for that body ribbing being finished!) I am slow to the Ann Patchett book, I just got on the wait list... but I am looking forward to it!

  7. Those are the prettiest yarn bowls EVER!!!!

    You can knit with the Queen!

  8. What classy yarn bowls. Hooray for the progress on your sweater. I think Ann Patchett is a good writer. I may break down and buy a copy of this latest book. I enjoyed another book of her essays a few years ago. My reading right now is stymied. I have The Mystery of Mrs. Christie, historical fiction about Agatha Christie on my kindle via overdrive. I checked it out a few nights ago because it was available. Last night I wondered why I was reading it. This is a sure sign I should move on to something else.

  9. Those are some fancy yarn bowls! I do like your china pattern. I recently finished Hell of a Book and was in the mood for a detective mystery so I've just started When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I don't always use a yarn bowl, but when I do it's a fancy one! I love the title of Hell of a Book and will have to look for it at the library. Happy Thanksgiving!


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