Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday

I'm joining Kat and the Unravelers for another rousing chorus of "I Didn't Knit Much Last Week". Here's a picture of what I did knit, looking like a blob of red and blue Wollmeise.

It looks much the same as last week, but now I'm up to 49 teeth and thinking it's about time to add red stripes. I didn't knit much because:

a) Hurricane Ida
b) too much rain
c) too much flooding
d) too much stress
e) all of the above

Clearly e is the correct answer, but maybe I can take a picture next week that looks a bit different, with a red stripe or two. That's the goal!

To help relieve some of the stress, I did manage to finish a couple of books during breaks from the shop-vac and sucking flood water out of cellars. I know I raved about Billy Summers last week, but that may be another lesson I need to learn - don't enthusiastically review a book before you've reached the last page. You can click on Billy Summers over there in the right sidebar if you'd like to read my review, but basically I ended up giving it three stars. There were things I liked about the book (the plot, the characters, almost everything in the first half), and there were things I very much disliked (the whole second half). Maybe Stephen King just isn't an author for me, but I know he's capable of better. 

I did enjoy Ann Cleeves' second installment in her Two Rivers series, The Heron's Cry. The same characters are back from The Long Call, and one of the things I liked best about this book is that the characters are multi-layered, with both strengths and weaknesses, and the plot is multi-layered as well. This one was excellent and I highly recommend it. 

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. I haven't been knitting much and now it's kinda irking me. I am blaming the move and I am trying to be patient - I think the cooler weather is helping my attitude though. I'm sorry you have 'e' all of the above, that's a lot on a plate!!

  2. It has been a slow knitting and reading week for me as well, but there has been a lot going on (though no shop-vac for me, and I hope there isn't more in the near future for you, either). I suspect that part of the reason the Hitchhiker doesn't look much different is that you're at the point where the rows are so long that even an hour of knitting doesn't make a huge amount of progress, but I know you're the steady knitting type and that you'll keep at it until it's done!

    I'm working on a simple dishcloth at the moment, but I am excited to cast on for my Shifty pullover tomorrow now that my swatching is complete!

  3. I am amazed that you got any knitting done! I am impressed with your ability to focus during all that chaos, Bonny. Your HH looks like you knit quite a bit on it. I read Falling last week (orginal, but not great), and then attempted to read The Hail Mary (too technical, not enough plot/character development for me), so I didn't finish it. The last 4 star book for me was The Orchard by Peter Heller. I am reading Southernmost now, and we'll see how it ends up, but I think it may be another 4 star. I got a big stack from the library that I waited on forever, and I find I don't like most of them. Bummer! I am waiting for Heron's Cry. I enjoy most of Ann Cleeves's books. I am eyeing my sweater since it has begun to cool off some down here. Hope things are improving up your way and drying out.

  4. I'm reading The Heron's Cry right now . . . and although I will eventually pick up the new Stephen King, I think I'll just slide it a little further down my to-read list. (Tom is reading it now.) I love the colors of your Hitchhiker. It's such lovely yarn . . . And I hope your life is stress-free this week (as you've had your fill). XO

  5. So last week I added Billy Summers to my list of books to read because of you, LOL. I'll still give it a go, probably, since I do tend to like Stephen King. Be gentle with yourself right now when it comes to goals and shoulds and just take the time you need to refuel.

  6. Sounds/looks like a number of us are on the "didn't get much knitting done lately" wagon. Despite that, your Hitchhiker is just lovely Bonny and I can't wait to see the addition of a red stripe. Hoping this week is much calmer and relaxing for you.

  7. I am hoping this is going to be the most uneventful week also! And don't you just hate it when a book starts out well, pulling you in, but then it all just sort of falls apart? I am sorry Billy Summers did that! (I had a book I had to bail on this week... good for you for seeing yours through!)

  8. Griffiths has another series besides the Ruth Wharshename one? I‘m in!

  9. The blue and red blob looks beautiful. I think Sarah's explanation is right on. The rows at the end of an asymmetrical scarf/shawl get so long. I can imagine that getting water out of cellars was very stressful. Here's to a quieter week on the East Coast and everywhere - for that matter.

  10. I'm knitting on a cardigan (, ) and regretting I didn't order more skeins of the green, as it seems I won't have enough for the sleeves, they will be more yellow. As for King; I've read a lot of his books and always enjoyed them, but now seem to have come to a point of satisfaction there. It feels like 'I know the trick now', so despite him being a very good story teller, I don't enjoy his books anymore like I used to....

    1. A lesson learned - always order extra yarn! I haven't read a lot of King's book, especially recent ones, but I know he's capable of better writing than I read in Billy Summers. He is a good story teller.


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