Thursday, September 30, 2021

Three on Thursday

On this last day of September, I'm joining Carole for Three on Thursday, with all things pumpkin spice. (There may be far more than three.) I went grocery shopping yesterday and was greeted with several large displays of pumpkin spice "stuff".

Starbucks pumpkin spice coffee seems fairly normal.

Pumpkin in baked goods also seems commonplace to me. I considered some pumpkin donuts, but decided I didn't need the calories, nor do I need pumpkin cookies. Those pumpkin donut holes are small, so surely they don't have many calories, but the box says 60 calories each, so I didn't get them either.

It's a big NO to pumpkin spice Special K and the same for pumpkin spice tortilla chips. 

How about some pumpkin spice Spam? I didn't actually see this at the grocery store, because it's only sold in Canada. Justin uses Spam for catfish bait, but I don't think PS flavor will help him catch more fish. 

Another item I didn't see at the grocery store, but it is real! I'm wondering what kind of day I might have if I walked around with pumpkin spice latte-scented armpits. I'm not sure when the season ends, so be sure to get your pumpkin spice products while you can! 


  1. I think they may have taken this pumpkin spice thing just a *little* too far. What was so wrong with plain-old pumpkin pie/pumpkin bread? (For the record, I think PSLs are gross, and while I like pumpkin flavor and the traditional spices, I don't think they need to be in everything.)

  2. This pumpkin spice thing has gotten way out of hand! The spam & deodorant are ridiculous! I like pumpkin spice in pumpkin pie!

  3. I bought that pumpkin spice deodorant one year. It wasn't terrible! (Yes, I have kind of a pumpkin obsession...egged on by the fact that my family absolutely does not)

    1. I'm interested to hear that there is actually a market for that deodorant, and that it wasn't terrible! This is definitely the season to exercise your pumpkin obsession.

  4. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread are fabulous! The rest of these fads go from meh to bottom of my list in a famine. At least I know there are some foods that do not appeal to me, but there aren't many!

  5. I always try to find the most ridiculous PS thing I can find each fall . . . but I think you've discovered THE WINNER with the PS deodorant. Oh. My. Goodness. (I do like PS lattes, and can't wait to order one.)

  6. Ha! Trader Joe's has quite a line up of pumpkin products but I don't think I've ever heard of PS deodorant. I did make a batch of pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips and they were good. I gave most of them to the neighbor who watered my garden while we were gone. Never fear, I bought three cans of pumpkin at TJ's. I like their canned pumpkin.


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