Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday

Today I'm joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. I barely knit a stitch on the Drachenblut Hitchhiker while we were driving back, but I've been slowly pugging away away at it since our return. 

It's the perfect project to work on when I've got a few minutes in between weeding, mowing, and doing laundry (and much more pleasurable than any of those chores). I've already started daydreaming about adding several solid red stripes at the end even though I'm nowhere near the end. 

I also didn't do much reading while in CO, but I did listen to The Narrowboat Summer and This Is Your Mind on Plants. I had been "saving" The Narrowboat Summer for the drive, but when it dawned on me that this was not the type of book Ryan would enjoy, I started it as soon as we got to Philadelphia airport and listened to it on the plane. The cover gives the impression that it might be a light read, but I didn't find it so and thoroughly enjoyed itEach of the three women in the book has something that the others need and they come to recognize this, even if the rest of the world doesn't often see their gifts.

I always enjoy a book by Michael Pollan, especially if he narrates it himself, and that is the case with This is Your Mind on Plants. He talks about three mind/mood-altering plant-derived substances - opium, caffeine and mescaline, their history, and his personal experiences with them. It leans pretty heavily towards his personal interactions and experiences, and I would have liked a bit more science. It's essentially a rehash of some of his previous writing, but still enjoyable. 

I've had a hard time settling down with something to read, but got an idea when a great reading friend gave five stars to Miss Buncle's Book. She rarely rates book this highly, so I ran to the library at the first opportunity to get a copy. So far, it's been as good as I had hoped. There is just something about an old book that is slightly tattered and falling apart at the spine that seems to hold the promise of an intriguing story.

My question today isn't very thoughtful or controversial, but what are you making and reading this week?


  1. Drachenblut is gorgeous Bonny! I like the idea of the stripes at the end (I loved those stripes on your Nervous Breakdown Hitchhiker). I agree that Pollan's later books seem to be more about himself and less about science. I enjoyed his early books, but the later ones not so much. But Miss Buncle's Book looks very entertaining - I've added it to my TBR list!

  2. I am echoing Vera... yes Drachenblut is just so beautiful! There is just some so magical about Wollmeise yarn... I have a revered skein in my stash... perhaps I need to find a pattern to knit! Share the beauty... sort of. lol

    I am on hold for The Narrowboat Summer... and I have not heard of Miss Buncle. You always bring new books to my radar... thank you!

    (and my making is including a revisit of a bit of a mask blast... it appears they will be back in rotation and I want to make some that have extra layers for protection)

  3. Your Drachenblut Hitchhiker is growing beautifully, and I think a red stripe or two will be stunning.

    There's something about getting a library book that is close to falling apart -- you know it's been well loved!

    I am working really hard on finishing up my ADVENTuresome Wrap (three stripes to go!) and reading The Whispering House and Beloved.

  4. I am finally knitting a bit each day and reading! It seems like months and months since I could do those things. My knitting is quite nice and I'm cycling amongst three projects.

  5. Knitting on some handwarmers as it is too hot (100 today!) to have wool in my lap. Just got through reading a really bad book, but as we previously discussed, highly recommend A Town Like Alice. My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. I will have to investigate Miss Buncle. I have checked out Meet Me at the Museum as that was the only book the library had by Anne Youngson. Your new HH is lovely, Bonny!

  6. I love your new hitchchiker! And that book . . . let me get my hands on it and I will repair that spine!

  7. I really enjoyed The Narrowboat Summer! It was much . . . deeper . . . than I expected it to be. (My sister read it, too. Now we want to have a Narrowboat Summer of our own.) I love old books, too. I've never heard of Miss Buncle. Perhaps it's time we meet . . .
    (I'm reading Second Place by Rachel Cusk right now. And I'm knitting a sleeve. We'll see how that goes.)

  8. I have not done a lick of work on any of my projects for a couple of weeks, I think I'm in my usual summer slump that I always blame on the heat and humidity even though I have AC!
    I'm currently reading Earth's Wild Music by Kathleen Dean Moore. I chose it for the "about climate change" square on my bingo card and it is turning out to be a winner. I'm nearly at the halfway point and I'm already recommending it to everybody.

    1. It's common for me to have a summer slump in projects, too. Fall will be here soon enough and making can resume in full force. I saw your Ig post about Earth's Wild Music and put it on my list. None of my libraries have it, but this one sounds like it would be well worth purchasing. Thank you for the recommendation!

  9. I see a lot of progress on the hitchhiker. I think some red stripes at the end will finish it nicely. I have never heard of Miss Buncle but a big old library book with a plastic cover that crinkles is just the thing for these hot days. I am reading both Horizon by Lopez and Villette by Charlotte Bronte, two very different books. I need one for daytime reading and one for bedtime.


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