Monday, July 5, 2021

Sometimes Monday ...

 ... is a good day to remember what a nice weekend we had.

Justin and his girlfriend Jess came down to MD and we went out to Fair Hill Resource Management Area. I'm not sure why it isn't called a park, but there are over 80 miles of trails, so we set out along some of them. 

Justin, John, and Jess had their fishing rods so we headed for the Big Elk Creek. They caught plenty of fish, including brown trout, smallmouth bass, and creek chub. I don't have a MD fishing license so I watched the great blue herons, deer, beavers, and took a few photos. 

There is an old mill along the trail that's really interesting. 

Even though it was the Fourth of July weekend, there were no crowds, and we probably only saw 20 other people. The skies opened up and we had to walk a few miles in the rain back to the car, but none of us melted. 

It's definitely a place I would go back to. 

I hope your weekend included some lovely, peaceful times amongst the fireworks. 


  1. Pretty pictures Bonny! Fair Hill is a place my friend Carol has mentioned, but I had no idea there were so many trails. It looks lovely. Glad you had such a nice day!

  2. What a gorgeous place, Bonny! Well done to the fishing members of your crew! The photo of the three of them along the river... what a beautiful picture!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place to spend a day! I'll bet even the rain felt good!

  4. That's a great spot, it looks peaceful and cool.

  5. That looks like a fabulous spot for fishing, hiking, and exploring! I am envious. You didn't melt? I can't believe that, as you are sweet and salty - LOL! I'm glad you had a good weekend with your family, Bonny.

  6. I love how you enjoy being outdoors with your people and just watching them (and the nature) do their thing. and what a fantastic place to enjoy all of that!

  7. What a fabulous spot, Bonny! And how nice that it wasn't filled with holiday revelers! It sounds like a perfect summer weekend with people you love. XO

  8. Fair Hill looks like a beautiful place to walk and fish and enjoy the skies. I'm glad no one melted in the rain. What a nice quiet place to spend part of the holiday weekend.


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