Thursday, June 17, 2021

Three on Thursday

I don't have any poetry today because I couldn't find a poem that spoke to me. But I do have three random things from this week, so it's a perfect opportunity to join Carole for Three on Thursday. 

1. It's a cute robot! John loves Chinese buffets, so for our first foray out into the wide world, we went to one that had just reopened in Newark, DE. A live person greeted us, but then she asked us to follow the robot to our table. It was a little odd, and I can't see that the robots save any labor or personnel, but they are entertaining. There was another type of robot that seemed to have shelves but it wasn't serving drinks or clearing dishes. (It didn't even have a cute face.)

2. We often see ... different things on our walks in Elkton, and this is one of those things. This car has been parked here for several months and doesn't seem to move at all, but the skeleton in the driver's seat is a new addition. It's always nice to be entertained on a walk!

3. I did enjoy my raspberry cheesecake birthday ice cream from UDel creamery. I've heard that they also used to sell blue and gold yarn (the school colors) but they didn't seem to have any when I visited. Maybe I'll ask about it next time. (A place that sells ice cream and yarn would be genius!)

I hope that your random encounters this week are surprising, cute, different, and delicious!


  1. Well, I must say that I have not encountered any robots in restaurants or skeletons in cars. You are having some interesting encounters, Bonny. In fact, these seem a bit surreal - LOL. That ice cream looks divine!

  2. I have heard that at least one local restaurant has robots that bring you your food, but I haven't yet eaten in any restaurants and so haven't encountered any in person (I am waiting until my daughter is fully vaccinated until I eat inside). That first one is pretty cute!

    And thanks for answering the question I've been meaning to ask about what flavor your birthday ice cream was -- sounds delicious!

  3. These are 3 very intriguing things! That ice cream looks SO good!

  4. I wish I was the kind of clever that would think to put a skeleton in a parked car.
    That ice cream looks delicious!

  5. The skeleton in the car does capture one's attention! People have very weird senses of humor! The ice cream looked good - can't say when I've last had a cone...2014? Guess I need to do something about that!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. You do find the best things to share! I still haven't seen any robots, and thankfully, no skeletons (in cars or elsewhere), but I would LOVE to visit a creamery ... especially one that sells yarn! Your birthday cone looks delicious!

  7. Becca says they still sell yarn!!:

    1. Many thanks to you and Becca! I didn't even think to check the website; I just looked around inside and only saw a few shirts hanging up. This gives me a reason to go back sooner (like maybe this weekend)!

  8. Great for making nesting bowls as they felt up beautifully.

  9. I am chuckling and shaking my head at your first two things... but...Ice Cream and Yarn... heaven on earth! :)

  10. I haven't been to a chinese buffet in over a year!! I'm living through your experiences :) I loved reading your three things, birthday ice cream is the best.

  11. That robot made me smile, very fun. Hope you enjoyed that yummy looking ice cream cone. Stay safe.

  12. Ice Cream and yarn is on a par with coffee and books or yarn and books. Yours looks delicious. The skeleton in the car - such good entertainment. Your walks look more interesting than mine.


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