Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Right Now - end of June 2021

I haven't done a Right Now post for at least four months, so it must be time for one. I've been really busy driving to MD and back to NJ, getting everything in order to close on buying Ryan's new house, and selling his house in CO (so many details!), getting ready to fly out to CO and help him pack, and then drive 1800 miles back. This is a good way to tell you about some of what's been going on.

Happy to See - This Red-Spotted Newt. I took a walk in the woods in PA over the weekend and spied this sweet little newt. They are my favorites and I haven't seen one in years, so I felt lucky to discover this fellow.

Avoiding - The heat. It's been 90-95 degrees here recently, so I've been walking early in the morning and trying not to be outside when the heat and humidity is at its worst. 

Enjoying - The central air conditioning in MD. We don't have it in NJ, and it was 81 indoors when I left on Monday morning. Ugh!

Appreciating - Ice cubes! Even the sound of them clinking in my glass makes me feel a little bit cooler.

Making - Lots of salads. John sowed some leaf lettuce seeds in the garden this year and we've got tons of the stuff. He said, "It's only half a row," but we've got enough lettuce for everyone on our street. We don't yet have cucumbers or tomatoes, but they're coming. (if only we could grow croutons!)

Reading - I have been listening to audiobooks, but I'll save the specifics for Unraveled Wednesday tomorrow. 

Knitting - I did a swatch where I finally tried knitting with beads. The technique was successful, but I don't think I want these beads on this project. (More details tomorrow.)

Considering - What books and knitting to take to CO. I'll be traveling light, so I'm thinking I'll just take one Hitchhiker for the plane out and 3 days in the car driving back. I may make one last in-person visit to The Loopy Ewe when I'm in Fort Collins and try to limit my purchases to a skein or two. (If not, I'll just have them ship my purchases!) All the books I'm considering will be on my Kindle and ipod. 

Looking Forward To - Being done with closings. John and I signed papers for Ryan's new house last Friday, and a notary is coming to MD this morning so we can sign documents to sell his house in CO. I'll be happier when all these details are wrapped up and done (hopefully successfully) and then all we have to do is fly out, pack, and drive!

Hoping - That the moving process goes smoothly. The sellers of Ryan's new house in PA are building a new house in SC, and they had hoped it would be finished by July 15. That's the official date for the closing on that house. It turns out their builder needs another 2-3 weeks to finish their house, so we will be moving his stuff into a storage facility nearby and will then have to move it again when they vacate the house. We knew about this possibility when we bought the house, but had hoped to be in by July 15th. They have to be out by August 15th, so that's my new hopeful date. 

Smiling - Because I have new sunglasses. My prescription glasses have Transitions lenses in them that get darker, but they never seem to get dark enough for me, and I'm always squinting when I take walks and drive. I saw my nephew's wife over the weekend, and she was telling me about the $20 pair of polarized sunglasses she got at Walmart. They fit over her prescription glasses and voila - no more squinting! I had a headache when I drove down to MD yesterday, so I went right to Walmart and got myself a pair. We laughed because we know they aren't the epitome of fashion but they get the job done well. We agreed that we looked cool enough and the cashier at Walmart told me I looked like a rock star. That's good enough for me!

I'm much happier than I look!

What's going on in your world right now? 


  1. You are most DEFINITELY a rock star! :-) You have so much going on right now, Bonny, and all of it is GOOD stuff. (Or will lead to good stuff.) I'm sorry about the heat . . . but having Ryan so near so soon has got to counter any hassles. I'm going to look forward to your bead story tomorrow. :-) (And I may need to head to Walmart for some of those rock star sunglasses myself. I tripped over one of the dogs - the old one - first thing this morning and did a face plant into the wall. I've been icing my nose all morning, and hope to avoid a black eye. . . Big glasses may be my friend for a few days!)

  2. LOL - laughing becaues I've recently taken to wearing sunglasses over my prescription glasses. My prescription sunglasses are two prescriptions old and I can no longer (safely) wear them while driving. Fletch had a pari of those big DARK glasses they give you after cataract surgery and they fit perfectly over my regular glasses. As you say, no fashion template, but who cares?? Best of luck with all the closing stuff! And I do think a final in-person visit to the Loopy Ewe is mandatory!

  3. You are such an amazing ROCK STAR!! I love every bit of this post (except this insane heatwave, my gosh... I am really so over 90+ degree days!) The best thing though is you heading out to get Ryan! That just makes my heart sing loudly! (I am with Kym... I think I need to hit the Walmart and find some of those glasses!)

  4. I have been missing you, Bonny, but it sounds as if you are getting things done in exemplary fashion (as usual), and that things are coming together! So many hassles, but these hassles will end with very good things, like your family all being within commuting distance. That's exciting and happy feet inducing, yes? Try to keep your eye on the prize for the duration. I will have to look for some of those sunglasses, as I think they look pretty darn good, and I have enough trouble keeping my regular glasses in prescription, forget about sunglasses. Looking forward to your next post, and thinking about you every day.

  5. Bonny, we all know you're a rock star already, so that wasn't news to us! ;-) I find that the older I get, the less I care about looking fashionable and the more I care about things that do their job well, like sunglasses that keep me from getting a headache in bright sun.

    I am sorry about all the house-related headaches, but it seems pretty par for the course (all our siblings have been dealing with similar issues lately). It may be a pain having to move Ryan's stuff twice, but the second time will at least be local. And I think you have a very smart plan for your maybe-trip to The Loopy Ewe!

  6. Thank you for posting the picture of that newt! I haven't seen one since I moved here from NY State in 2006! I used to find them hiding under rocks in my garden.
    You definitely are a rock star and those sunglasses are great! Hope you can rock on through your bust times!

    1. I used to see the newts in NJ, but haven't seen them in ages, so I was happy to spy this one. Glad you liked it too!

  7. Rock Star! Hope you're keeping cool - it's a scorchah! :-)

  8. You are TOTS are rock star! There are certainly a lot of moving parts in your world these days, I hope everything falls right into place the way it's supposed to.

  9. Nothing as exciting as yours: no newts - how colorful; garden; new sunglasses (my lens transition so they get dark, as your new ones will); or a cross country trip. Safe journey both ways and I think leaving some suitcase space for new yarns is definitely a win/win!

  10. Thankfully, a lot less than you :-) I do think you look like a pretty Happy Rock Star in those glasses (with those overalls!) and sending all my best thoughts for the move and an EARLY August move-in date. Also, can't wait to see the yarn you've selected for your "just one" Hitchhiker to mark the move!

  11. I didn't think that newt was real! How wonderful you were able to see it. All the all that "house' stuff would make my head exploded. You're a superstar for keeping it all going. Now I want to copy you and protect my eyes! The look is great on you!

  12. You are a rock star, Walmart sunglasses or not. You are also rocking that pink t-shirt under the denim. Perfect. Ice in glasses and summer salads is just the ticket in this heat.


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