Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday

I'm joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday today. I've been involved in all the details of buying and selling houses over the last few weeks, along with spending time with my sister, so knitting and reading time has been minimal. But I think (fingers crossed and knocking on wood) that we are officially under contract with selling Ryan's house in CO, so I sat down last night for some much-needed knitting time.

It's still the second Nervous Breakdown and I'm alternating skeins. Once I finish with the tiny little ball (maybe another four rows?) I'll start on some stripes and be heading to the finish line. 

I want to finish (or almost finish) this Hitchhiker before I wind and start knitting with my Mother's Day gift from Ryan.

Behold Wollmeise Pure in Drachenblut:

I was very tempted to just wind it to get a better idea of the colors, but I know if I wind it, then I'll just cast on a few stitches. Before you know it, I'll be working on a new project and abandon the Nervous Breakdown. So I'm focused on finishing first!

Reading has also taken a back seat except for listening to audiobooks while I'm driving and falling asleep exhausted at night, but I still managed to finish two books. The first is a cute story entitled How the Penguins Saved Veronica. It was a solid three stars and just the thing to listen to when my mind was often in other places. I also read a stunning Elizabeth Strout novel that I was lucky to get from Netgalley, Oh William! It's the latest installment in her books about Lucy Barton, this time in the form of a novel rather than interconnected stories. It was a five-star read for me, and I may even go back and read the first two books again. 

I've started Writers & Lovers and Project Hail Mary, so I hope I can continue to make some reading time every day. (Part of my own Personal Compost recipe that Kym wrote about!)

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. Bravo on the sale! That is amazing news (and has likely been the cause of a nervous breakdown for many!) I have added Oh William to my list, thank you! (and I am glad Veronica provided some levity!)

  2. congrats on the sale and how nice to sit and knit and catch a breath!!

  3. Oooh, I understand why you are keeping yourself from winding that gorgeous new yarn (and am I right in thinking "Drachenblut" is something like "dragon blood"?)! I'll be really interested in hearing how you like Writers & Lovers. I know my last recommendation to you was a fail, so I hope you like this one better.

    Also, hooray for being under contract!

  4. Oh, that new yarn is just gorgeous, Bonny! I think you're wise to avoid winding until you finish your Nervous Breakdown . . . or you'll have a real Give-a-Mouse-a-Cookie situation on your hands . . . So glad you've got a buyer for Ryan's CO house! That's great news! And I'm reading Writers and Lovers right now, too. :-) (I am so jealous about the new Elizabeth Strout! She is such a favorite of mine, and I'll be counting the days until I can read Oh William, too.) XO

  5. You have been so very busy, and still you have managed to keep up with books. For that, I am impressed. I have just started a cardigan, but I fear my timing is off. It's not the right time of year to start a wool cardigan. We shall see how well I can stand a lap full of wool during the summer. If memory serves, I have done this before and found it challenging. I have been floundering with finding something to read that really engages me, but I have been reading. Mostly I have been doing "spring things" like working in the yard.
    I am so happy for you and Ryan that things seem to be coming together so well! I hope there are no bumps in the road and that your daily life becomes less hectic soon. I hope your sister's family is doing as well as can be expected. Don't put down that Nervous Breakdown! It's perfect for this time of year. It makes me smile and think of summer.

  6. I just gifted Hail Mary to Boy 1 for his recent birthday! He is enjoying it. He says "just enough science mumbo jumbo to keep me interested."

  7. Congratulations on Ryan's house! That means he'll soon be with you again-great news! It is smart to hold off on a shiny new project when you're nearing the finish on another. Lucy Barton was my favorite ES character and I'm excited for Oh, William!

  8. After I read your review on Good Reads I jumped right over to Net Galley and requested Oh William. I'm hoping I'm approved, I just love Elizabeth Strout. It also made me realize I never read The Burgess Boys so I've made a place for that on my Summer Book Bingo card. I'm so glad to hear you've got Ryan's house under contract, I hope things go smoothly from this point forward.

  9. You have some nice yarn to wind up!
    I look forward to reading Oh, William, but I realized that I never read Anything Is Possible. I plan on re-reading Lucy Barton and then read the other two books in the series in order. I love Elizabeth Strout!
    Congrats on Ryan's house!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Your timing of the Lucy Barton re-reads should be just about right to read Oh William! once it is published. It was so good!

  10. Oh that Mother's Day yarn is gorgeous (and the name of the colorway just makes me smile ... I know you and Ryan will both be sad to give up in-person visits to The Loopy Ewe!) ... and hold on, what?! there's a new Lucy Barton coming?? yay! I just might need to re-read the first two also - although I remember liking the 2nd one more, so maybe that's enough?

  11. I didn't realize that Lucy Barton had sequels! Good to know.

  12. Oh that new yarn looks scrumptious as well as dramatic. I wonder what you will knit with it. Best of luck with your new reading material. Right now it seems like so many new and interesting books are being published. Tis the season I guess.


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