Monday, March 29, 2021

Sometimes Monday

 ... feels a little bit different than usual. 

The freshly rototilled garden with freshly planted peas.
 It looks like soil and straw now, but use your imagination.

Normally we head home to NJ over the weekend, to check the mail, pay bills, see Justin, clean as necessary, grocery shop as needed, and generally check on the house. This weekend we stayed in MD for several reasons. John wanted to look for shed deer antlers down here and we will probably go home to NJ next Wednesday and be there for a week because we are getting our second vaccine shots. It's also nice not to have to make the four hour round trip to only spend 36 hours in NJ doing chores and fighting traffic on 95.

My blueberry bush is beginning to bud.

I can't remember the last time we spent a weekend here in MD, but I have plenty of knitting and books so I was happy. I took some long walks, cleaned out the flower beds, bought some lavender, supervised John's roto-tilling of the garden, helped him plant peas, and even mowed a little bit (the onion and sedge grass was rampant and needed to be knocked down.) There is still lots of brown in the landscape, but more and more green every day. I got takeout from my favorite place (Central Tavern), made some not-half-bad pulled pork barbecue, and baked some sugar cookies. I even went into the newly re-opened Elkton library and checked out a copy of Shuggie Bain. Nothing terribly exciting or adventurous (although it was thrilling to visit a library in person), but it still felt different from my usual weekends. And in these times, even a slight alteration in the way I do things can feel like quite a change.

I hope your weekend was enjoyable, maybe a little bit different in a good way (hopefully without severe storms and flooding), and your week is off to a good start.


  1. Nice! I bet it felt good to just stay knowing you will be back in NJ for a week. Fletch planted sugar snap peas and is contemplating some kind of fencing to keep the wandering deer out....that could be an undertaking for sure!

  2. You know, at a time when every day seems more or less the same, sometimes changing things up just a little can have a large effect! I'm glad you had some enjoyable ways to fill up your weekend. I can't even imagine how nice it must've been to be IN a library!

    In the last few days, I've noticed that everything seems to be growing. Flowers are blooming, green is coming out on bushes and trees and our hydrangeas, and the grass seed that people put down is starting to look a little green and fuzzy. I am ignoring the fact that they're calling for snow on Thursday!

  3. I admire how you live in two places and roll with it! Sounds like your weekend was very nice!!

  4. Lots of blooming going on down here. My cherry trees are shedding their blooms, but they were absolutely breathtaking for about 10 days. My azaleas are beginning to bloom, and my yard is filled with those little white flowers. We enjoy those white flowers every year even though they are weeds! My gardenias look like they are all dead from the extreme cold we had. Oh well. We had storms, but luckily nothing severe enough to cause real damage. Your weekend sounds lovely, Bonny. Your garden will be glorious, as usual, I am sure. I have been able to go into a library branch near to me for quite some time. It is very small, and I can have all my books sent there, so I have been lucky.

  5. I spent most of the weekend moving, but I did take a walk with friends. We were talking about owning two houses and none of us wanted to do it. One friend likes to go different places all the time. Another friend and I don't want the responsibility. You must be very organized to keep two houses going.

    1. I didn't really want to do it; we're just doing it because of my husband's job and I didn't want to give up our home in NJ. I'm not sure how organized I am. I cut up celery, olives, and bacon into a bowl for potato salad, and then found out the potatoes I thought I bought were at the other house. I hope your move went smoothly! (Moving is one of my nightmares.)

  6. Blueberry bushes sound like a great idea. How nice you could enjoy a weekend in one locale. I hope working and planting something in the garden soothed your soul. We survived those second shots with about fifteen hours of mild side effects - low grade headaches, aches, and just being cold. The cold was just weird - not shivering but the inability to get warm. It was 68 degrees in the house and I had on wool socks, my warmest wool/alpaca sweater and a shawl. Still chilly. I recommend drinking plenty of water afterwards. I just sat under a quilt and read. It certainly was not awful.

  7. It sounds like a full but also relaxing weekend. I'm so glad the library is open again!

  8. What a lovely *different* weekend! I spent a bit of time outside earlier in the week, but we had winds and rains over the weekend that prevented outdoor work. Sigh.

  9. What a productive weekend, Bonny! I love seeing that freshly-tilled garden! I love how everything is beginning to green up now. Spring is truly coming. . .

  10. Oh I love seeing real signs of spring and dirt/straw and the blueberry buds are for sure real signs! No word yet when our library will reopen (cases are surging in our county, but maybe by the summer?)


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