Thursday, March 18, 2021

Poetry on Thursday

I've been feeling cautiously hopeful recently, after being lucky enough to receive vaccine shot #1, the gentle approach of spring, and maybe finally a reluctant acceptance of how things are instead of fighting the circumstances I find myself in. This calls for some hopeful poetry. 

This Morning
by Jay Wright

This morning I threw the windows
of my room open, the light burst
in like crystal gauze, and I hung
it on my wall to frame.
And here I am watching it take possession
watching the obscure love
match of light and shadow—of cold and warmth.
It's a matter of acceptance I guess.
It is a matter of finding some room
with shadows to embrace, open. Now
the light has settled in, I don't think
I shall ever close my windows again.

Wright, Jay. "This Morning." Soulscript: Afro-American Poetry, edited by June Jordan, Doubleday, 1970.

You can read more about Jay Wright here.

I wish you mindfulness, peace, good health, windows wide open, and poetry as the week winds down.


  1. I love that image of throwing open the window and letting the light in. It's a great metaphor for what's happening for so many of us right now.

  2. This is the perfect thing to read this morning, because here it is dark and rainy and gloomy, a day when it's so easy to feel down. I am glad that your spirits are improving, too.

  3. Pretty picture and pretty poem! No open windows here today...gloomy, rainy and still a little chilly for me...but hope is there and soon!

  4. All of this! AND YAY for your jab!!!

  5. What a beautiful poem, Bonny -- and beautiful sentiments from you, too.
    (I can't wait to open my windows on the regular again!)

  6. Congrats on getting your first jab!

  7. Hooray for your first shot! I feel so much more hopeful now that I am fully vaccinated, and I hope you do when it happens for you. We can't let down our guard, but it really inspires a lot of feelings that progress is being made in proceeding back to more normal circumstances. I will be glad when it warms up enough to actually throw those windows open. I am so ready for spring, small green shoots, warm breezes, and lots of gentle sunshine.

  8. oh my ... that image + those words = letting out a breath. thank you!

  9. mornings are my favorite part of the day! That is a great poem and one I will copy down.

  10. The morning light is lovely both outdoors and in the poem. Hooray for Vaccine #1. You are on your way. We are in between shot 1 and 2. Spring is coming and with it hope.


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