Tuesday, January 19, 2021

21 in 2021

I'm not much for making lists of things to knit, books to read, or other things I intend to do (other than a daily loosey-goosey to-do list), but I was inspired by Sarah's post in the beginning of January. She made a list of 21 Things She Wanted To Do in 2021, and that got me thinking. If I had a list of things that I wanted to make, do, cook, read, or accomplish, it wouldn't have to be a rigid list of things I had to do. Instead, it could serve as a guide throughout the year, and I could add or delete things as I see fit. I've been working on it ever since I read Sarah's list, so here is my own list.

21 Things I Want To Do in 2021:

1.   Bake cinnamon-sugar doughnuts 
2.   Make jelly donuts
3.   Finish 4 wips
4.   Make 4 new dinner (entree) recipes 
5.   Read a graphic novel
6.   Complete 20 yoga sessions
7.   Meditate daily
8.   Read The Portrait of Dorian Gray with Ryan
9.   Read The Mill on the Floss
10. Write a card/letter to all relatives
11.  Make at least 3 Christmas gifts
12. Make at least 3 Christmas ornaments
13. Crochet at least 3 snowflakes
14. List the rest of the Dept 56 houses for sale
15. Breed flowers in Animal Crossing (green mums) 
16. Bake cinnamon raisin bread
17. Bake scones
18. Make Swedish meatballs
19. Try three new kinds of tea
20. Clean out the cedar chest
21. Read a fantasy series with at least three books
22. Swap one item on this list for something I'd rather do

I've made a small start on the list by baking cinnamon-sugar donuts (twice) and beginning the process of breeding green mums in Animal Crossing. Nothing earth-shattering, but I'll try to check on the list once in a while and let you know how it's going. 

If knitting a 2021 dishcloth like the one above is on your list, there is a free pattern for one here. (Not a Ravelry link)


Make sure to stop by Kym's blog today to check out the second promotional post for our Read With Us book, Leave the World Behind. And don't forget to mark your calendar for the Zoom discussion on March 2!


  1. What a fun idea Bonny and I like your list - lots of different things. I especially like the last one - lol.

  2. Love your list, Bonny (especially number 22)! I'm glad I could inspire you. I'm hoping that this year, the dishcloths you make say only 2021 and won't need an expletive added!

  3. This is a fun list! (I am trying to get those elusive blue roses!) I especially love #21!! That is the best thing to have on any list!

  4. Great list of goals for 2021. I love that dishcloth. Hope your week is going well.

  5. This really is a great idea. Your list looks mostly like fun things, and I am afraid my list would most likely be chores - boo! I will have to work on my list being a decent mix of fun and work. One more day, Bonny!

  6. I have created a bingo card for 2021 and when I looked at it yesterday, I see that I can already cross off one square!

  7. That looks like a great list that will get you through the whole year! (When I do those types of lists, I usually bunch them up with things that I want to do NOW . . . ) And I'm on board for the jelly donuts. . .

  8. Is that dishcloth one of your WIPs or a Christmas gift? (Or both?) Haha! That's a great list. I have a few things rolling around in my head and, though I don't usually make lists like this, it might help me to prioritize (and maybe even get them done) if I write them down! :)

  9. #21 is my favorite item! I salute you!

  10. That's a very fun list! I have green mums if yours don't propagate correctly.

  11. This is great! I've got a Swedish Meatball recipe for you if you're looking for one!

  12. Have fun with your list.

    I think I'll wait on that 2021 dishcloth and see how the year goes. So far ....lookin' a whole lot like 2020 and who needs that hanging around in the kitchen drawer. LOL

  13. Oh I may have to make a list. My husband would laugh at that. I am always making lists!

  14. trying three new teas! That one is hard because I only like two kinds of tea...I should do that though to get rid of what is in the cupboards.

  15. Your list is a very nice one. It has nice variety. Personally, the last item is my favorite. Baking scones would be a close second. A new year, a new dish cloth sounds good too. Thanks for the link. One of my goals is to use up all my wash cloth yarn. I only have one full ball but lots of odds and ends leftover from the past few years.

  16. I love the mix of things on your list ... also wish I lived closer so you could share some of the baking bounty with me!


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