Monday, November 2, 2020

It's Monday ...

 ... and I'm back! My ten-year-old laptop died last week, so my blog posts came to an abrupt halt. I've been taking good care of it and backing things up often, but all technology has a finite lifetime (and it's often much shorter than 10 years). A new laptop isn't in the budget right now, but luckily I've managed to set up an old one of Ryan's for basic things like paying bills and blog posts. I've been keeping up with your posts but haven't been commenting because I hate doing that on my phone. I've missed all of you, and I'm glad to be back (until the next technology glitch). Many thanks to all the kind people that emailed and texted to check on things. 

Since it's November 2nd, this seems like a good time for a Right Now post.

Watching - The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. I stumbled upon this and found it fascinating. It's about a chess prodigy, how she came to play chess, and how her life unfolds as she deals with her abilities. Ryan tried to teach me to play chess when he was in elementary school (the cheat sheet he made for me because I couldn't remember how the pieces moved is above), but I am really terrible at the game. No chess knowledge is needed to watch the series although there are many quietly intriguing scenes of chess being played.

Reading - I found The Queen's Gambit so interesting that I had to read the book it was based on by Walter Tevis. The show follows the book fairly closely and I found it to be just as good. I may be reading more by this author.

Avoiding - The news, in all forms. Even though I'm trying to stay away from it, some still penetrates my embargo (my chatty neighbors and at the grocery store). I'm just hoping to survive this week (and possibly beyond) with some of my sanity intact.

Baking - Pumpkin Chip Muffins. The combination of pumpkin and chocolate chips sounded strange to me when my MiL first suggested I try these several decades ago. But she was right as she so often was about good baking, and now they are among my favorites. 

Ordering - I finally broke down and bought a fake Christmas tree. We didn't have one at all last year, and I found I really missed the ornaments. I can do without many Christmas decorations, but I really like decorating the tree and revisiting memories through the ornaments we've collected and made through the years. I ordered it online but haven't received it yet, so I hope it looks okay. 

Enjoying - Cooler temperatures (finally)! We had our first real frost in NJ on Friday night, but I'm not sure MD has gotten any yet. We may still get a handful of cherry tomatoes from the garden.

Wearing - Hitchhikers! I have a bunch of them and wear most of them, but I tend to reach for this one most often. It goes with everything and has lovely memories (buying the yarn at The Loopy Ewe six years ago) associated with it. 

Raking - Leaves. I've done this a couple of times so far, but they haven't even started collecting them in NJ, so the pile in front of our house is growing ever higher. We're supposed to have heavy rain and wind, so maybe all the leaves will be down and the next time I rake might be the last time this season. 

Feeling - Sad that it's been a year since I've seen Ryan. I was in Fort Collins a year ago to help him buy a new (to him) car after he totaled his in an accident. It feels like it was a decade or more ago. 

Hoping - That lots of things change so we can all feel safe traveling again and Ryan can sell his house in CO and move back east. 

Smiling - At this smiling alpaca. 

What's going on in your world right now? 


  1. Good to have you back Bonny - missed you!! I hadn't realized Ryan was thinking of moving back East - awesome!! And gosh it is chilly/damp/raw this a.m. I've got heat on and am trying to warm up. I'm hoping for an easier week this week....

  2. What a nice catch-up post, Bonny. I've missed you, and I'm so glad you found a laptop that will work! Thanks for sharing so many good things - and especially that Ryan is thinking about heading back east. (Erin is, too. . . ) XO

  3. Ugh, sorry to hear about the demise of your laptop! I hope the temporary replacement does the job sufficiently for the time being.

    Thank you for starting off my week right with that smiling alpaca! I showed it to Rainbow and she said it made her day -- high praise from a tween on a Monday morning!

  4. I missed you, Bonny! I thought several times about emailing you, but I thought that you might need a break from everything, so I waited, somewhat patiently, to see when you came back. I have had one technology nightmare after another for the last week, but I haven't lost my laptop YET. Sorry you have been dealing with them, too. So frustrating! Good news to hear that Ryan is thinking of coming closer as soon as he can. I will think good thoughts about that. My husband and I have been loving the Queen's Gambit. I wondered about the book, so now I will have to check it out - thanks! That alpaca has made my day, and I thank you sincerely for that. There hasn't been a lot to smile about lately, and everything little good feeling is treasured. Have a good Monday, and welcome back!

  5. Ryan has decided to move back East? It has been a tough year for everyone in the country and a really tough summer here on the front Range,( fires and all). The West and it's drought conditions isn't even appealing to me! Hope all goes well with the sale of his home. Glad your back blogging Bonnie. Computers are great when they work and a headache when they don't.

  6. Hello - glad to see you are back in blogland. Computer problems are so very frustrating and expensive. I hope you get yours resolved soon. I hear you about not having extra funds at the moment the computer dies. Sweeping leaves is a daily chore for us as well. We have a yard crew that takes care of the lawn, so we only have to worry about the patio and driveway. Hope you have a good week. Take care.

  7. Oh boy, I am sorry about the demise of your laptop! I have the Queen's Gambit on my "to read" list since Michael Ondaatje said that it was one of his favorite books of all time! Seems like I need to move it up in the queue and read it! It seems like the perfect "counting ballots" diversion. I am thrilled to be working the polls tomorrow where all political talk is banned. AND, if people are talking politics you can tell them to stop! HA :)

    My heart aches for your sad anniversary. I hope Ryan can get his house sold and that we are all seeing our kids again SOON! Sending you all the love, my friend.

  8. so sorry your computer died...that is a bummer! Glad you have a back up computer. We are watching Queen's Gambit as well, it is good!

  9. I love that you still have your chess cheat sheet. I, too, could never maintain attention long enough to get the hang of the game.

    Chocolate and pumpkin are divine together! One of our favorite cookies is pumpkin-oatmeal-chocolate chip. It's this one ( but we use chips instead of craisins. They are also good with craisins, but we can't resist the chocolate in this household.

  10. So sorry about your laptop! My is 8 years old and I plan on shopping for a new one after the first of the year. I recently had to get a new phone, so I put the laptop on hold.
    I have a recipe for pumpkin chip muffins that I've made for years. My brother reminded me yesterday that I hadn't made a batch this fall, so I might bake some this week...they are good!
    I'm also trying to avoid the news this week. Hoping you have a good week, Bonny!

    1. I did not enjoy the demise of my laptop, but taking an enforced break from the computer was kind of nice. It made it easier to ignore the news! I hope this temporary replacement keeps working for a few months and then I'll shop after the first of the year, too. Have a good week, Debbie!

  11. Arrgh! Technology woes are among the worst, in my opinion. Glad you've found a solution! I am also terrible at chess (I'm just not a strategist!) but it's fascinating and I remember all the hullabaloo about the United States/Soviet Union matches and Bobby Fischer. The Queen's Gambit is on my list! I sure hope we can all get together again before long... especially family.

  12. I'm glad you're back!!! I never learned to play chess but I always wanted to try it. I think now that ship has sailed, though. I'm very grateful that Brant was able to travel from FL to MA back in February. It had been 8 years since he had been here! And I'm extra extra grateful that our other 3 kids all live close by.

  13. Hi! (I was also absent ... for totally different reasons) we are completely enjoying The Queen's Gambit and neither of us plays chess. or any other game really. we're pitiful! I broke down about the fake tree a couple years ago and it was one of THE BEST decisions I've ever made. Decorating is now Fun. and I no longer have to remember to water the tree. or sweep up all those needles.

  14. Glad you are back with us . I too am feeling sad that today is Zach's birthday. We don't know if we will be able to bring him home for Christmas. It has been almost a year. He' s so good about calling us, text, etc. but it is not the same.
    Love your shawls

  15. Welcome back! You were missed! I'm so sorry it's been a year :-( Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are some of Dan's favorites. I'll have to ship a batch for Thanksgiving. And check out the Queen's Gambit.

  16. Thank you for writing about what's happening in your life at the moment. I am enjoying my hiatus from all things political. My fingers are crossed for Ryan and his big change in address. May all go well as he heads back home.

  17. So sorry about the laptop. The technology and the appliances never last as long as I think they should. I'm glad you were able to figure out a fix. I'll hold a good thought for Ryan selling his home. It is hitchhiker and cowl season although we are having a warm gorgeous few days.


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