Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday. My knitting looks much the same (ready to bind off the Hitchhiker, plugging along slowly on the baby blanket, stalled on Ryan and Justin's fingerless gloves) so I'm going to show you some making of a different kind. It's a common sight on blogs during this season, and I've joined the pickle-making brigade.

John went out to the garden for a "couple of cucumbers" and came back with an almost full five-gallon bucket. After distributing some to neighbors, it was time to make the pickles. I'm not a fan of canning, so that limits my pickle-making to refrigerator pickles, which in turn is limited by refrigerator space.

This swampy-looking stuff is dill pickle brine.

And this is 9 quarts of dill pickle slices.

We'll keep some here in MD, take some home to NJ, and give plenty to my dill-pickle-loving BiL. I'm also done making pickles!

But I have been reading. I've been checking Overdrive for what audiobooks are available now and downloading several if they sound interesting. I listened to Whitethorn Woods (or maybe it's a re-read as I'm fairly sure I read this years ago) and The Shape of Family. They were both three-star books (but just barely) so now I'm on the lookout for something really good to read. Suggestions welcome!

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. Hooboy, that's a lot of pickles! If you have more cucumbers coming in and have some tomatoes on hand, can I recommend an Israeli salad as an alternative?

    I've finished some less-than-stellar books lately, so I don't have any specific recommendations, though you're welcome to look at my Goodreads books to see what I've been reading. I have less than 100 pages to go in my current library book and am hoping to find something really good to read next!

  2. Wow that's a lot of pickles!!! But they look delicious. Sorry no book suggestions from me. I am still struggling to finish any book that I start! So unlike me.

  3. I LOVE pickles . . . but hate canning and/or preserving anything. I wish I were your neighbor, so maybe you'd share some with me. :-) I just read Hamnet and I LOVED it! In fact, I can't start anything else quite yet, because it's still too much in my head. . .

  4. I've heard wonderful things about a mystery series by Julia Spencer-Fleming. I've been on the waitlist for the 1st book for months and it's finally ready at the library. It's called In the Bleak Midwinter ... which sounds lovely for an hot, humid August read!

    1. I think you will love these books. I thought they were very singular in character development, and I enjoyed them very much. I am not a religious person, so I will tell anyone who is not that they will enjoy these books in spite of that. They dwell more on the human condition than religion.

  5. Boy, howdy, that's a lot of pickles, Bonny. I would also suggest that you try making salads of sliced onion, cukes, and tomatoes marinated for a short time in Italian vinaigrette. It will keep a couple of days in the frig, but it becomes more dilute over time. But I love this salad in summer! I looked back over my goodreads list so far this year, and very few books stand out. I liked Long, Bright River quite a bit, The Night Watchman (of course!), the Maisie Dobbs series, and I always read the new Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway books. Currently I am reading the Vera Stanhope books, but I certainly enjoyed the Shetland series more. I, too, can recommend Julia Spencer-Fleming's books that Mary referenced. I am so glad that you did not get bad weather or lose power!

  6. I love all kinds of pickles!! how lucky you remembered to plant cucumbers we forgot....

  7. I love making a jar or two of pickles, they are such a great addition to Friday Night Snacks! (and I have heard so many amazing things about Hamlet... I am on the waitlist!)

  8. Oh Now you need to find a pregnant woman who wants pickles with her ice cream!!! Hahaha. Great garden! Sorry the storm hit your garden hard. It will come back!

  9. Oh pickles. It's a love hate relationship. The family loves them and so do I but by the time I've canned two double batches I'm sick of them. Like you I'm finished with pickles this year. I couldn't even give them away to the neighbors yesterday.

  10. It was the cucumbers I couldn't give away. The pickles are reserved for family and close friends.

  11. That is a serious amount of pickles! Hope you are doing well.


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