Monday, July 13, 2020

Things I Did, Saw, and Wondered About This Weekend

These are just some snippets of things that I did, saw, or wondered about this weekend.

It looks like we will be wearing masks until the 7th of forever, so I ordered some cool new fabric from Spoonflower.

I saw these campaign signs and wondered if titles really matter enough that they had to place white stickers that say "Doctor" on all of Doctor Barsoom's signs. I couldn't tell what the sticker was covering up (so I was free to imagine all kinds of things).

People can be slobs and/or lazy. I could have shown you nine discarded masks that I saw in my two-block walk to the post office, but these two are more than enough.

I like the mehndi-inspired design (and the title) on this streetside chair. 

This one would have been better if someone has not covered the words when they installed the plaque. I wonder what it says?

I got to see my hydrangeas in bloom in NJ!

I wonder when bougainvillea bracts turn colors? The very end of one on the right is beginning to look slightly reddish, but quite slowly.

I thought that fruit salad was the perfect thing to make when it's too hot to cook and a guest is a slightly picky eater, but that was not the case. I wonder what they didn't like about it? (Oh, well, more for me.)

I wondered if I need to lock up my Fruity Pebbles.

I wonder what this week will bring? I hope it's full of good things for you (and your Fruity Pebbles stay safe). 


  1. Hmm, the intruder must of been really hungry! Those chairs are amazing and beautiful! I wish my hydrangeas would bloom. They have finally been put in a spot where they like to grow (moved last year) so I keep hoping they will bloom! The one in the front that we bought and planted last year is trying to blooms.

  2. Goodness, that's a lot of interesting things! I really love those painted chairs, but seriously, who thought it was a good idea to put plaques over words? Also, that whole "doctor" thing on those signs is bizarre because you read them "Doctor Elect" and not "Elect Doctor." Love the fabric you've picked out, and it works perfectly for masks because if someone is close enough to be able to read it, they're too close.

  3. Fruity Pebbles, did not know that cereal was still available! LOL

  4. LOL - sounds like Goldilocks and the 3 bears to me nibbling on Fruity Pebbles. Those chairs are fabulous Bonny (are they in NJ? or MD?). And your fabric is wonderful!! That will make some great masks (John can use one when he HAS TO go back to the office!!). And the discarded masks - people are pigs. I say that all the time. There are always discarded masks in the grocery store parking lot. What's with that? Your fruit salad looks wonderful! My Mom always had a huge bowl of fruit salad available.

  5. The mask material is PERFECT! People are so strange (and crude). I just can't even.

  6. Things I love about this post: the fabric you ordered, the chairs, and your blue hydrangeas! The rest is all good, too, except for entitled idiots who throw their masks on the ground.

  7. Great fabric! Beautiful hydrangeas & chairs! But those masks are disgusting!!!

    1. I don't usually like making masks very much, but I am looking forward to sewing them with this fabric!

  8. Colorful. Fun! Creative. Ain't life grand!

  9. Masks...chairs...and Fruity Pebbles! I am laughing (and I needed to laugh!) Thank you!

  10. Wow, what a mix! you are going to be stylin' in those masks. Hope you get to enjoy more of the NJ hydrangeas; they're lovely! Here's to a ... week!

  11. I need to purchase that mask !!!!!!!!! Are you selling

  12. My internet has been down for a while. So, late to respond. I think all of this was very interesting! If I broke into a house, I would find something more interesting to eat than Fruity Pebbles. Can you tell I am not a fan? LOL I hope you and yours are doing well, Bonny!


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