Monday, March 30, 2020

Scenes from a Weekend

On weekends, John is not working his current usual 12-14 hour days, so we try and do something different to at least mark the days as different from the week. This past weekend those things were a long walk through the cemetery on Saturday and fishing on Sunday. Both provided us with the ability to stay socially distant from other people while still getting out to get some exercise, fresh air, and hopefully a slightly new perspective. 

There is an abundance of things blooming in the cemetery.

An odd yew with a spruce growing in the middle

Delightful daffodils

A beautiful sidewalk chalk creation

A profusion of grape hyacinths

A calm lake on a damp chilly day

The woods are beginning to green up

A bobber tree (surprisingly, it's not my bobber!)

Daffodils 'round the millstone

If you squint hard, maybe you can see two people fishing on the bank, Justin and his girlfriend, Jess.
 I know where they are and they're still difficult to see. Social distancing!

I hope this Monday brings you a good start to your week ahead, some moments of calm, and perhaps even happiness. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your walk with us, Bonny! It's so nice to see spring a few weeks further along than we've got here. It gives me hope . . . And right now? That's a very good thing. XO

  2. What a fun weekend (we had crazy rains, so not much outside time) but I am hopeful that this week I can get outdoors!

  3. I've been walking when I can, and while the physical exercise helps me to feel better, I think I get an even bigger boost from seeing everything growing and blooming. It's something of a relief to know that even as we've put our lives on hold, nature is going forward with spring.

  4. Good for you for making the weekend days different. Thanks for the photos from your walk - we have a millstone across the street from the library!

  5. Thanks for taking me on your walk! Beautiful. I love walking in cemeteries, the history on the head stones is like reading a book for me. My Mom and I use to pull over to walk through little town cemeteries when driving country roads.
    Can't say I did anything exciting this past weekend with the exception of Mary's ZOOM meet up.
    Stay safe, stay home!

  6. Love these pictures Bonny. I think cemeteries are great places to walk. I find them calming and comforting. I've seen some of those bobber trees along the canal!

  7. oh so beautiful! your area is ahead with spring than up here, as to be expected. I'm trying to make Saturday and Sunday different!!

  8. I can't wait to see some "greening up" and flowering in my own back yard, but I'm super happy that you've shared yours!!

  9. Isn't it lovely to see things greening up? Does a heart good. My yard is glorious! I have 4 cherry trees along the back of the lot, and they are beautiful this year. And now my azaleas are about to bloom. It's the prettiest spring we have had in a long time, probably due to all the rain we have been getting. I think walking in a cemetery is a great idea, one I had not thought about. Now a question. Did anyone catch any fish? I love fresh water fried fish! I'm glad you all are doing your level best to be as normal as possible. Me, too!

  10. Glad you got some quality outdoor time! We did as well...little drizzly yesterday but certainly worth the effort once we got moving. Thanks for the sprung spring images...hopefully we will have some here soon!

  11. Thanks for sharing all of the lovely photos! I just got back from a nice long walk and it felt especially good to be outside today! Wishing you well!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! We also just returned from an extra-long walk. It's a little eerie not seeing too many people, hearing any planes, and seeing very little traffic, but like you said, it feels good to be outside (even though our weather isn't great today). Stay well!

  12. I always love that you find pretty and quirky things to share from your walks! Getting outside is such a blessing right now. (aren't we glad we aren't coming into Winter now, like the folks in the southern hemisphere?!)

  13. You know,, I just said to husband, I'm feeling happy right now! We got outside for an hour walk! My son already called us to talk and is doing well. I am ready to sit and knit! and the lemon oreos I bought 3 weeks ago on amazon...arrived . along with meyers dish soap!

  14. The blossoms are very welcome! We are just starting to see daffodils and a few red tulips. The trees are a month behind yours and the days are still snowy, rainy (with some blue skies). Happiness is something I work at everyday and with Mylo around it's pretty easy. My walks are such a source of joy!

  15. What beautiful photographs. I always find a cemetery peaceful which shouldn't be a big surprise. I also love the idea of doing something different on the weekend to mark the days. I am with you - one day just runs into another and another and. I guess I should be thankful we're still here for the next day.


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