Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday, today with new yarn and a new project. Ryan brought me three skeins when he arrived, as a belated Christmas present, and I was compelled to wind one of them and cast on right away.

These are Spun Right Round Classic Sock in Nervous Breakdown, and of course, I started a Hitchhiker. Ryan told me how much he liked the bright yellow and the pops of other colors and thought that even though it might be outside my comfort zone in terms of color, he thought it was unique, really interesting, and eye-catching. After he told me this for the third time, it finally dawned on me that he would like something knit from this yarn. While he hasn't exactly had a nervous breakdown, Ryan has struggled mightily with depression for several years, so I'm reading all kinds of meaningful things into this knitting. The darker gray and brown areas for depressive episodes, the pops of blue and pink for good days, and the fact that the bright yellow is always there with the promise of sunnier and better days. Crazy and/or weird? Maybe, but I'm a sucker for a good yarn name and knitting for my kids.

This Hitchhiker is at least twice as big now because we have spent a lot of Ryan's visit at the eye doctor and corneal specialist. It's a long story, but he has a corneal issue that has been mistreated as an infection by three doctors in Colorado since October. I took him to our eye doctor who straightened things out medication-wise and referred him to a corneal specialist who started treatment. This delayed his departure by a couple of days, but I'm taking him to the airport in a few hours and he has an appointment with a corneal specialist in Colorado tomorrow to continue treatment. It's always something, but hopefully, this something is getting fixed and his sight will eventually be fully restored to normal. I'm glad I had waiting-room knitting with appropriately-named yarn. 

Ryan also gifted me with this happy skein of Dream in Color Smooshy. Who knows? It might even become something other than a Hitchhiker!

I finally finished Snowball in a Blizzard this week. It was definitely informative, but also dense and soporific, so it took me six months to read. I finished Fever and am looking forward to our discussion beginning in February. I hope to finish The Murmur of Bees shortly because I'm thinking about The Topeka SchoolAmerican Dirtand Tightrope. So many enticing books to choose from!

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. I love Ryan's taste in yarn! I especially like "Nervous Breakdown." Yep, out of the color-comfort-zone, but fun and quirky and amazing-looking. (And, according to that "craft trends" article I posted earlier this week . . . chartreuse is going to be THE color this year, so you're right on trend.) Sending all the good healing juju to Ryan! XOXO

  2. I too, love Ryan's taste in yarn! And, that name - just brilliant! There is nothing on earth that matches the joy of making for our children :)

    I hope that Ryan's trip home is uneventful and I join with Kym in sending all the good healing juju his way!

  3. Here's hoping NJ took care of Ryan's issue! Love the choices he made for you (and possibly himself!) Bonny - that is going to be one sweet hitchhiker!

  4. I love the latest Hitchhiker and agree that you've interpreted this gift correctly. I also love reading the ongoing story of your and Ryan's relationship with Loopy Ewe yarns. So sweet!

  5. Yay for visits with kids! Awesome yarn choices. I love them both!

  6. praying for your son's eye! Love love love your new hitchhiker and how cheerful that color is!

  7. I think your way of thinking of the yarn is brilliant. I hope you shared your interpretation with Ryan. You are right, the yellow is always there, and it is a perfect way to think about bad days. I suffer from chronic depression and changing how you think about things really helps if you can retrain your thinking. I hope his corneal issue clears up soon. And how are you, Bonny? Doing well, I hope!

  8. aw, the depression and love that is going into your work, is so meaningful and I love it. I love the pink yarn skein. I have worked with Smooshy and liked it very much.

    1. Thank you, Kathy! My kids inspire me to do (and knit!) my best. I'm really enjoying knitting with the Nervous Breakdown yarn and looking forward to knitting with the Smooshy.

  9. The new hitchhiker is just lovely. I love it when a story and yarn come together in one project. The pink skein will also be fun to knit. I am glad his eye is on the mend. Good vision is not to be taken lightly so kudos to his Mom for getting him into the right specialist. I hope it continues to improve.

  10. I love the analogy you pulled together for that yarn and all that it represents. Depression is no joke and we don't talk about it nearly enough, I applaud you for putting it out there and recognizing it's influence on Ryan. And I sure hope his eye troubles are behind him and that everything heals properly!

  11. That yarn is definitely outside my comfort zone as well, but I am strangely drawn to it. It's eye-catching for sure!

    I hope Ryan's eye issues will be resolved now that he's gotten connected with the proper doctors.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of The Murmur of Bees!

  12. Ryan is an excellent yarn gifter! He has a great color sense and it's almost like he can see the yarn knit up. He hits the mark every time. I hope his eye issue heals now that he will receive the right treatment. His visits do you both so much good!


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